Pokémon Diamond / Perl: Location of Pikachu and how your Raichu and Pichu gets

Pokémon Diamond Version as well as Perl Edition (in English: Pokémon Diamond Variation & Pearl Version), acquaintances in Japan as Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (ポケット モ スタ ー ダイヤモ ド & パ ー ル, Loretto Most Diamond & Part?), Represent the 4th generation of the game of video games Pokémon, created by Video game Freak and also distributed by Nintendo. They were released previously in Japan, especially in September 2006. Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Perl had the most successful launch within the Pokémon series in Japan, and the very best launch week of any type of Nintendo DS game because country. The American Launch of the Games sees many preventatives, reaching almost twice the number of Pokémon precarious fire and also green leaf Pokémon. In the fictional region of Singh, the games handle the adventures of a lead character on a trip to catch and educate Pokémon. Heading he needs to likewise help discourage the plans of the criminal company referred to as the Galaxy team. Pokémon diamond as well as pearl, as well as the previous generations of Pokémon, add a great deal of features, such as playing online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi link, while enhancing older game principles, such as Pokémon contests. Seasons 10, 11, 12 and also 13 of the anime are based on this video game. In the Pokémon Presents of February 26, 2021, a remaster was revealed for Nintendo Change called Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Pearl Grazing.

For many Pokémon fans, there is only one favorite: Pikachu. Of course, the electronics is also in the latest offshoot Pokémon radiant diamond & luminous pearl with the lot. We'll tell you where your Pikachu and his precursor Fichu finds in the Singh region and how to further develop them to the mighty Rich.

How to Find Pichu, Evolve into Pikachu, Then Raichu in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

That's the location of Pikachu in Pokémon Diamante and Pearl

The place where you find the mascot of the Pokémon series is the same in radiant diamond and glowing pearl.

Eight to Herzhofen and leave the city over the Route 212. Here you come past the Pokémon estate. Crosses the house, and you reach the trophy garden. Now you can hunt for a Pikachu and a Fichu.

Fichu to develop Pikachu: You can catch a Pikachu directly, but maybe you want to start with Fichu and develop it later. For this it is not enough to level the Pokémon. Fichu also requires a high friendship status for evolution. This is increased by the following activities:

Have the Pokémon your choice when exploring Put it in fighting Let it participate in competitions Leave a gentle bell Calls it with a luxury ball

Tip: With the Friendship Checker App you can see the status of your Pokémon. Two hearts mean you are very close to you. The app will receive you in a Pokémon Center in Exigency. However, you must first get the Sketch in Jubelstadt.

Pikachu to develop Rich: In the anime and in the yellow edition, Pikachu is known to develop a Rich. But that does not mean that we need to handle it as well as the values ​​of the further development are much better. To trigger the evolution of Pikachu to Rich, you just have to use a Donner stein.

As you come to the Donner stein, you read here:

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catch more strong Pokémon

Besides Pikachu, Perl and diamond some more Pokémon, probably all want to have in their collection. These include the three starters that some traditionally in their third stages of evolution on the box. Best of all, you can, you pick up all three starter Pokémon in an innings.

Also, very popular is Lucio. The battle Pokémon with the steel fists can you not collected directly, but it finds its Role in the game that can you evolve into Lucio.