Nuremberg coach Klauß had in the last few minutes of pulse

The game started perfect for Nuremberg, which led the hits of Manuel Shaffer after six minutes. Shortly later than a setback, because Anger Sorenson had to get off the square. He was uncomfortable, he had stomach cramps, so we had to take him out of him, coach Robert Klaus is quoted on the website of the second division and added to Soreness representatives: Mario Super has made a great game, he has come out of the cold shown that we can rely on him. Strong performance!

A strong power also offered the club, which increased after the break by Erik Soprano's powerful shot. The francs could even have been able to ensure clearer circumstances. We did a good game. The only thing we can accuse ourselves is that we had to do the game earlier. We already had chances in the first half to go with a higher leadership. Also, after The pause was still possibilities, Tim craftsman noted the only criticism.

Lightning start in Der Klassiker! 2 Goals in the first 10 Minutes! And so the Nuremberg had to tremble again due to the hit of Julian basket in the 88th minute. In the last few minutes I already had pulse. It may still be a slippage. It is important but that we had not allowed until 1: 2. Until then, it was perfect, Klaus would have not needed the exciting final phase.

Soprano: We have won this victory together

But in the end it remained at highly deserved 2: 1 and three points for the club. We have won this victory together. We knew that Kiel plays a good ball of possession of balls and becomes a hard chunk. But we can be satisfied because we have shown a good game and rewarded us with three points, says three points, says Soprano. And the second goalkeeper Shaffer added: It always works well, but you play football. That we have now won at home after this little thirsty route, it is all the better. Unfortunately, the fans were not there. This atmosphere is simply missing us.