NEW WORLD: Update today - server maintenance! The group

Because a New World Update today, on 22 December 2021, is pending, there is once again server maintenance in the Amazon MMORPG. These have announced the developers in the official forum. Of course, these will not last forever, after all, players want to go back to Sternum, items crafts, trees cases, monsters hunt, with opposing players duel and master expeditions — especially at times in which many players have vacation or vacation. By the way: Part of the update 1.2.1 for New World is the indicated fraction reset for all active players !

How long do the maintenance work on 22 December 2021?

The New World Server maintenance should last from 08:00 to about three hours. From 11:00 o'clock you should be able to go back to Perineum with your stretching.

What's in patch 1.2.1 from New World?

The developers have already revealed that the New World (Buy Now €39.99) Update 1.2.1 should dedicate problems that were created by the big December update. The following changes will give it accordingly:

Closing cassettes for tale from the tree of light (part of the winter gathering) is only available for Characters of Level 15+, when event quests are enabled for players. In this way, you should not be able to create characters again and again to pick up crates with tales again and again.

What is the winter gathering? Christmas in New World — You can do that!

ALL the NEW THINGS In the Winter Update for New World The display of your Both account should now be updated correctly after speed travel and crafting, which was previously not the case.

A problem has been resolved, which led to drop potions in armoring, causing the inventory-up problems. The cooldown of the group has been reset from fairness reasons for all players. Once a player selects or changes a fraction, the cooldown is set to 60 days. A problem with the city project mission Weber wanted has been fixed.

Source | Amazon Games

We wish you a lot of fun in Sternum when the New World server maintenance is over — and especially with the activities of the winter gathering!

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