More positive development strengthens Grammozis

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If the team was lost against the 1st FC Nuremberg and now looked awful in Hamburg, they may have become tight these days for Dimitrios Grammars. The coach has not been undisputed in March since the beginning of his term of office, especially after the convincing performances against the club (4: 1) and now against the HSV (1: 1) Grammars sits again strongly in the saddle.

The analysis of the past weeks and months has already taken place at the royal blue. According to Sports Director information, it was about gyms, reasons for injuries and dealing with them as well as the athletic profile of the team, but a significant point was also the perspective of the team.

Responsible have made trend that goes in the right direction

Build a Positive Team in 4 Steps

The Responsible for Sports Management Peter Anabel and Sports Director Rouen Schröder are at the knowledge that the team finally naves a playing style that fits to Schalke 04. In particular, the stable performances against Nuremberg and the HSV, but also the previous performance against the SV Tannhauser (5: 2) have liked the bosses a lot. They have made a trend that goes in the right direction to further increase the opportunities of the rebuilt.

Enoch there is improvement potential, this concerns, for example, the tactical approach of the team. Why it goes less about a system debate, read in the Monday edition of the Sports Director (from Sunday evening in the magazine).