LOL: Gen. G receives several fines for announcing your roster too soon

Fans of League of Legends are not always patient, especially in the transfer market. While journalists and leakers filter out rosters before the official announcement, it is often necessary to wait long weeks before the structures formalize these recruitments. And it is not unusual in its publications, teams add an asterisk to add pending validation Riot Games.

This may be a minor detail for us, but in Korea are not taken at all a joke this rule. It seems that Gen. G should have been more careful, since the structure was fined one million won for announcing twice hiring too early without obtaining the agreement of the authorities Riot Games. The announcement is a bit expensive and imagine that the team will be more careful next time.

Two violations and fined

From an external point of view, one may wonder why Korean Riot Games has been so severe, as in general all transfers are validated announced from a particular moment. But we imagine that this is primarily a question of principles : The regulations for transfer formalize remains the same. It should also be borne in mind that the General G was guilty of two crimes in a space of just two weeks.

November 24: Announcement without the agreement of Riot Games arrival of Chevy (HE) and Legends (Africa Frees) Gen G. Warning Simple. December 2: Ad without the agreement of Riot Games Winner transfer, Quid, Pay and Los pa to Gen. G Challengers (Second Korean division or LACK Challenger). fine of up to 1 million won

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Sanctions are increasing and, if a third incident, Gen. G will pay this time a fine of three million won (about 2,250 euros).

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