Free Fire confirms the launch date of Alps, its new map

Free Fire will celebrate the new year with the arrival of your next Map Battle Royale. Since January 1 you can travel Alps, an island of the Southern Hemisphere where elite team fought hard against the Villains Mr. Network and Yeti to recover the core of energy and end the winter on the island.

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This is Alps, the new map of Free Fire

Alps consists of five locations of interest : viewpoint, station, dock, mouth and fusion. The central building takes most of the area, although we can also take advantage of several containers located on the platforms, ​​reveal in a press releAlpese. You are already on the platform or in the central station itself, the upper walkway is the point that you have to dominate if you want to have control. However, there is no totally secure area and players will have to be attentive at all times to avoid being dejected.

Meanwhile, fusion raises a central building surrounded by buildings that serve Alpes support. It is a structure by layers that makes it impossible to approach the entrance of the central building from the surroundings without being detected.

From today, December 28, you can take a look at the map Alpes part of an immersive 360º experience. From inside the game you can take out your mobile phone and use the gyroscope to navigate it. To enter you must go to the new area wAlpes the main menu. In the Alps building, your first visit will begin.

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Landing on the first day will give you some exclusive benefits. If you log in the same January 1 you will receive the MAlpescot Yeti. The survivors of the games can earn up to 100 Magic Cubes fragments participating in various encounter. These coins will be causing in the Magic Cube exchange store.