Feel winter while putting in warm rooms! I want to get this opportunity extreme cold 8 election [STEAM Winter sale]

Winter is Coming (in Spain: Winter techniques ) is the very first episode of the medieval dream TV series Game of Thrones, from the HBO chain. It lasts 62 mins and premiered on April 17, 2011, in the USA. Composed by the creators of the David Benioff program as well as DB Weiss as a devoted adjustment of the very first chapters of guide of the same name composed by George RR Martin Winter approaches he had the direction of Tim Van Pattern, who left the work done by director Thomas McCarthy on an unpublished chauffeur. Being the first game episode of thrones, introduces phase and also the protagonists of background, concentrating on the STARK family and also the means in which their Lord, Edward, is involved in the plans of the Court once the king, Robert Marathon, names him as his hand, changing his dead predecessor, Jon Arron. The initial program brought with each other an audience of 2.2 million visitors as well as gotten objection primarily positive oriented in the excellent efficiencies and also the aesthetic high quality of the situations.

The end of the year is approaching, and it became a season when I felt the cold winter cold, but everyone spends a good game life?

New Year holidays are withdrawn games. There will be no such one. In the room where warm air conditioning is effective, the game to play with a pleasant time is the highest time. It is even more even if it is a game with winter theme.

From December 22, the annual winter sale has started at Steam, and a number of games are sold at a great price. So in this paper, We will try to narrow down the game that can feel the cold of winter! A total of eight games will be delivered from the standard title to the title.

The Wild Eight

This work is an open world survival adventure set in freezing Alaska, which supports multiplayer with up to 8 people. Single or online CO-OP takes a vast field with the crashed crash and the mystery of snowy mountains. Battle of the wolf and bears unique to Snow Miami will frequently occur, and the survival ability of nature is also important. In addition, more dangerous existence is also familiar with this area, and it also waits for a different deployment than regular survival games.


Snow Mountains also challenge the mountains of 7,000 meters or more in Snow Mountains. It is a survival mountain climbing adventure game that combines the Rogue Like element, and aims for the most suitable mountain, and aims to be climbing while thinking about the best route. Mountain weather changes fluid and various events occur during climbing. Determination under the limit of random skills due to level up, and parameter management, judgment is important. There are many cases where you should consider food, oxygen, weather, physical condition, etc. in harsh snowy mountains. The view of the viewing ahead of such difficulties is exceptional. But don't forget. Suddenly, I finally say that it is a goal.

Frost punk

This work is an freezing city operation strategy game of 11 Bit Studios development, also known in the development of This War of Mine depicting a harsh life of civilians under battle. The player will survive humanity while making various contacts in the ground where the glacial period is reached as a leader of the last city on the earth. Develop the town centered on the generator, which has been receded as the last heat source, and construct residential residence and each facility. Sometimes it is also possible to establish a law that has an inscribed choice. DLC to add past knitting and later talks is also delivered. It is also scheduled to release Frost punk 2 that will be a sequel.

Frostpunk - Live & Freezing Steep

Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are very difficult and practicing if they try to challenge. However, in this work, you can run off the courses and courses at any time on the large mountains of the Alps. Switching various equipment such as skiing, wing suit, snowboarding, paragliding, and exhilarating feeling that you slide with your own best route is not. It is also possible to compete with players around the world and compete for records, and enjoy online multiplying with friends. Mountains drawn with photoreal graphics and the nature of wrapping it are overwhelmed by looking at it.


A refreshing feeling that runs out off-road? There is no such thing. But there is a good idea. This is such a game. The sequel to the bad road driving truck simulation Mud runner has come to the stage of snow plain winter. In response to dangerous contracts and missions, we aim to be a destination beyond mud, torrent, snow, and ice lake. But, of course, I will not be easy. The tire is slipped, and the snow is deeply buried in the snow. In order to run safely, extends and customizes with numerous upgrades and accessories, such as chimney mufflers and chain tires running on snowfall, and choose appropriate route. The rest is only a trying and error. It also supports up to four online Coops.

Taken and Snow Satsuma (I Am Satsuma)

This work is a RPG developed with inspiration from the timeless masterpiece Throne Trigger. A unique character with a sacrificial girl Satsuma to suppress the emergence of the demon appeared. The theme of good orthodox RPG is built in mind and play experience. The battle is also adopted active time battle system known in the Final Fantasy series, and further implementation of the unique system Diana system that gains additional effects. Snow Arranged Ob scribe with friends and overcomes hardships and aim for the last land where the ritual ceremonies are held. In addition, BGM of Hiroshi Tokyo Composition is also included, and somewhere in the piano tone is represented.

Snow Woman (Yuri Anna)

It is a horror work developed by Chill's ART, which cares many traditional horrors such as night work case and ghost train. Speaking of the work of the same development, it is famous for a system like a walking simulator, but this work is different from those of them, and it is a game system from action. Three primary school children including sons are missing, and the protagonist who was searching is to the Waste Roman, which is at the summit of snowy mountains, with a certain sinister letter has been sent. In the hotel, snow women are crawling, and they have to look for three people who became missing while holding her tracking. The play time is assumed for about 2 hours, and two endings are present. The first PS-style graphics will increase the fear, and the backs are also waiting for a fear experience.

Nero Pure Vol. 4

It is cold when I'm playing games, although I'm Christmas.... A game recommended for such a thing, it is the Nikola series. Especially Nikola Vol. 4 can spend the Christmas season in the game with cute cats, and it warms up alone. The same work is a he artful cat comedy with a hot and family bond. This work is newly wearing a different winter clothes. Unfortunately, the exposed area is reduced, but animation by e-Mote technology is healthy. Fluffy movement colored the name scene, you can push the button and get a lot of reactions if you get a cat. Also, if you purchase a patch at an external site, you will be sure to warm up your body.

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