Clockwork Aquario wins the World Record Guinness

Clockwork Aquario Game Guinness World Records longest time between video game start to release Clockwork Aquatic, at first glance, looks like a fun amusing experience, recalling the feeling of the arcades of the 80s and 90s. It is not the intentional design as is the case, say, Shovel Knight. Instead, this game comes from the time. And now, thanks to Guinness, everyone will know with certainty that this game is of time.

Weston, the company behind Wonder boy, launched Clockwork Aquatic in 1991. There, the product was set aside for years, canceled due to the popularity of 3D games. It was until Inn Games and Strictly Limited Games take Clockwork to refine it and get it out. Inn and Strictly Limited are both specialized in the search for popular video games (but forgotten or never released) and gathered with part of the original developer team. Together, they were able to make sure even if the game could be ready for the last consoles, he kept his original charm.

.. I want to express my deep respect and gratitude to those who worked so hard to restore Clockwork Aquatic., said Rich Nishizawa, co-founder of Weston and member of the project development team Clockwork. I do not think it is exaggerated to say that this work is a great work of art 2D, in which the pixeled artists of the time have put all their hearts and souls. I would be happy if people would appreciate it and appreciate it.

Considering that the game waited from 1991 to 2021 to go out, beating the World's World Record as long between the beginning of a video game project and the final outing, we hope. This beats the former titleholder, Duke Nuke Forever. The title Duke Nuke had the record to be developing for 14 years and 44 days.

It's impressive that Clockwork Aquatic could go out after so long. But hope that it will not take as much time for, say, Dragon Age 4, Sight or other upcoming titles.