Battlefield 2042 gets largest update fans are prevalent

With Update 3, DICE drives the heavy guns. After massive criticism, this patch should clean up the biggest problems and make fans happy. These are still two columns.

Over 150 bug fixes

Battlefield 2042 has set a catastrophic start and torques fans. Since then, Dice has tried to bring his multiplayer shooter back on course. Last week, Update 2 appeared and, above all, corrected the arbitrary weapon scattered for a lot of frustration.

With Update 3, DICE evidently improves the scattering of balls, but also dedicates itself to many other mistakes. Over 150 bug fixes on all maps and other improvements includes the update 3.

Thus, the heavily criticized hit recognition optimized ; There should be more improvements. In Battlefield Portal All-out Warfare cards receive the game mode layouts for Rush. There is also a new custom mode called Vehicle Team Deathwatch.

In addition, the first preparations for the start of the pre-season will take place in the coming week. Part of it are the already available weekly missions ; After completing these missions, your cosmetic rewards will receive. (Source: EA)

Battlefield 2042 slowly adopts form. If you want to make a picture of the game yourself, then strips:

Fans are still twilit

On Reddit the mood is still browsed. Although Battlefield players are pleased with the gigantic patch, but these some construction sites are untouched.

For example, Battlefield 2042 plagues an annoying Loadout bug, which prevents you can use your weapons. Although this problem can be avoided, a simple troubleshooting would be the fans but prefer. Many PC players continue to have Performance Problems ; These were not resolved with Update 3.

Some players also fall on a strange patch note. Apparently, the M44 revolver was changed so that he now revels revolver-untypically five instead of six bullets. Reddit's user A MOIST FELLA writes: Waiting for a moment, the stuff does not work. (Source: Reddit)