Apple Ar Headset: Focus on Games and Entertainment

Over the past few days, there were rumored rumors around the supposed Ar-headset, which is currently at Apple should be in progress. Further information also provided the Patent Flood in November, which turned to the hardware of the iPhone makers. The latest information is now coming from Mark German, who works as a reporter for the website MacRumors and already in the past reliable details around the latest products of Apple revealed.

Apple's Ar-Headset is to get the best technology installed

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Total Two chips are located in the new AR headset of Apple. One of them should correspond to the performance of the m1, which, for example, is currently in the MacBook Pro or iPad Pro. Apple would like to focus with the AR headset mainly on gaming and entertainment content, which is why one decided for a powerful chip.

The second chip is responsible for the different sensors of the Ar-headset. In addition, there are apparently two 4K screens from Sony installed, which should extend the product around VR elements.

How much will the AR headset of Apple cost?

Currently, it is not quite clear how expensive the new AR headset becomes. It should already be determined that it is a niche product, which will be available not only very price intensive, but probably also in limited quantity. Finally, prices are always circulated in the range of $1,000.

When should the AR headset appear from Apple?

According to the information of Mark German, Apple could already present the Ar-Headset in the coming year and bring the first units to the market. A real AR glasses Similar like Google Glass — should also be in development. Here is the release but still a few years away.

Via MacRumors

From Dominik Wingman author 08.12.2021 at 14:14