Xbox Design Labs Add new custom control options

Ice house items, or Ice house Pyramids, Treehouse items, Treehouse Pyramids and officially Mooney Pyramids, are testable as well as stackable pyramid-shaped video gaming items as well as a game system. The game system was invented by Andrew Mooney and John Cooper in 1987, originally for use in the video game of Ice house.

Xbox Design Labs offers users the opportunity to design their own personalized controller, and there are many really exciting combinations available. Today, that number grew, since Xbox revealed a handful of new options for the service. In particular, users can now add black rubber handles on the sides of the controller, as well as 19 colors with metallic finish that can be added to the D-pad and the triggers. Last but not least, three color options have been added for the controller parts: Dragonfly Blue, nocturnal Green (which replaces Military Green) and Velocity Green (replacing Electric Green).

Some new metallic finishes can be found on the Tweet embedded below. Readers can design their own driver right here.

Xbox Design Labs controllers start at $69.99, but that price changes as more options are added. The new colors with metallic finish add $3.99 for the D-PAD and another $3.99 for the two triggers. Rubber handles add extra $5.99. Users can also distribute $9.99 additional to add a personal record. All these additions can become a more expensive option than that is available in stores, but for those who want to show their creative side, it is a really great option.

Unboxing Xbox Design Labs Controller #shorts

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft continues to expand at Xbox Design Labs. There are many fun forms in which Microsoft could take advantage of the current options. Last year, the company offered personalized designs based on NFL teams. Unfortunately, they were removed shortly before Xbox Design Labs temporarily closed last year and have not returned since then. Of course, it would also be great to see other professional sports franchises or options based on popular culture represented. The sky is the limit, and Xbox has devised a concept that none of its competitors offers. With luck, we will see even more options as time passes!

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