Werder Bremen | So the separation from the beginning directly before the game against the FC Schalke

On Saturday morning, in the football second division SV Welder Bremen immediately prior to the relegated duel against FC Schalke 04 (final 1: 1) the bomb: head coach Markus beginning, which was more and more pressure after a supposed forgery of his Corona vaccination certificate, drew the Broken chunk. For the first time, a Welder professional has been expressed in detail to the events before the important league match.

Ilia Gruel reported on Wednesday morning to a media round, as the Welder escape of Mark's beginning and his co-trainer Florian boy has gained only ten hours before the game against FC Schalke: On Saturday morning we had breakfast before workout. Then came Markus and Florian Boy and informed us that they are no longer coaches, says the 21-year-old, who had been 90 minutes against the royal blue on the lawn later.

SV Werder Bremen - FC Schalke 04 Highlights 2. Bundesliga | Sportschau

It was extremely emotional from both. We lost a good coach, the midfielder led, who has been under contract since 2019 at the Weber. Finally, Frank Baumann had a few words to the team. Then it was through, Gruel continues.

Welder Bremen after Remix against the FC Schalke only ninth

The Bulgarian, who was used in the current season under the beginning ten times in the 2nd Bundesliga, but also emphasized the professional handling of the Bremen team with the new facts, as they represented on Saturday: We showed in the evening we showed that we can take you away.

In the directional match against the FC Schalke, Welder Bremen had rescued a meter after a highly controversial penalty in the ninth minute of the aftermath. In the table of the 2nd Bundesliga, the Hofstadter stuck as Denude but still in the midfield.