Völler criticizes skewers: I think thats highly indecent

While the vaccine topic blows the German record champion Bayern Munich, you can consider this topic — at least what concerns your own dealings — in Leverkusen completely relaxed. Finally, the factory club can now refer to a 100% vaccine in squad and staff.

Nevertheless, Audi Roller does not exercise criticism of the league competitors who do not achieve this status. Its not that way that everyone was enthusiastic from the beginning. Everyone to convince is not so easy, the managing director describes the development at Bayer 04, we also had two, three, four, the There have been a while ago.

Rudi Völler - die Wutrede feiert 10-jähriges Jubiläum | ZwWdF

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Quite so relaxed, Roller considered the situation but not generally. The clubs take out Roller in this topic out of criticism, but it emphatically points out that each individual must bear the responsibility in any way, which concerns his personal vaccine decision. In principle, everyone in which no medical reasons should be vaccinated. If not, I find the highly indecent. Thats my personal opinion, shows the 61-year-old clearly.

Roller: These people must now wear the consequences

Roller does not want to know this as a personal attack on the Muncher professional and German international Joshua Gimmick, which has been in the criticism since his public statements and German international Joshua Gimmick. Rather, the 1990 World Champion says all that do not deny a vaccine due to a medical indication — in all areas of life.

These people now have to wear the consequences — Im not just talking about football, but generally and not of any players X or Y, he emphasizes and adds due to massively increasing case numbers: Now we have the salad. I hope so That there is still a turning there.