U 21: Hermann Gerland about the structures in education

Andreas Otto (born March 1, 1985, in Munich) is a former German football player who invested a lot of his job at Bayern Munich and made use of for a number of young national groups.

Hermann Garland (67) over...

... 0: 4 against Poland : We have qualities that are undoubtedly available, but we have to retrieve in the important games, we did not skill against Poland. But that games happen. Everyone knows that Much can happen and also go in a game. The opponent was of course very effective, three times shot, three goals. But with only ten men we actually played passable.

We have made Schnitzel in the defense, but also in front of the opposing goal. I also saw that we have developed scorches, not so many and so clear, but I have also seen that we have given them. Of course, the mistakes are clearly speaking. From negative experiences one learns more than from positive. I assume that we have learned and that does not happen again.

The situation in the qualification to the U-21-EM: It has become more exciting. With a victory we had only a competitor, the Israelis. But now all are there again. But we did not do that We wanted to win. But we wanted to play and win beautiful. That did not succeed.

Chef trainer Antonio DI Salvo: I already know him for a very long time because I have already known him as a player and had him as a coach in a game. He is the boss and I try to help him.

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Training of junior players: I think we have to turn there at different set screws. We have to train the one-against-one and two-fighting very early, we have to put the ball in the foreground. We have to make a workout That makes the kids fun, and they look forward to it. That s the job in the junior.

Stress: In childhood we have to run. With small game forms, three against three, so that the kids have many ball contacts. We used to play eight hours earlier than children. When I started FC Bayern, we just have Trained twice a day. There was no one injured. Today you hear nothing more of adaptation and super compensation, today I only hear of systems and stress control. That did not exist back then. Exercise makes the master, that was 50 years ago So, is today so and in 50 years too.

Structural problems: If you check in the academies, for example the U 19 of FC Bayern has 29 players in the squad. That means that the coach does not turn off and all are healthy, looking 18. That s one adding! The young people need football games. Also in training. Always play.

One-against-one: If I see how strong we used to be in the defense, today we always work in the composite. Nevertheless, it is much better if a player has a solution in one-counter. Also in the offensive. We have to teach the players to dribble, but if I only call for passport, passport, pass, and every game only with two contacts, then I can not develop dribbler.

If I want to help those, I have to say: bribery, bribery, bribery! And if he loses the ball, right away. Then you can also dribble with 19. But if you have only fit until 17, you can not dribble with 19. And: In the junior area, the training of the players is in the foreground and not the success of the team.

Tactics: In the past, we played eleven against eleven, today we play 3-4-3, 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 5-4-1 and two, three other systems, In the junior area, we have to design the content differently.

His motivation : I m just fun to teach young people. And if a player afterwards, that he has learned something, that s something very beautiful for me. I have to thank the football so much, that s why I do not want to throw my knowledge away, but tell it and share it.

Recorded by Michael Pfeifer