Tricks of the Sims 2: All the keys, secrets and codes

Although it is not the last edition of the saga, the Sims 2 take a long time becoming one of the preferred deliveries of the EA franchise. If you also want to join the fever, here you have a complete collection with all the tricks of the sims 2.

How to activate the tricks

In order to activate the tricks you will have to open the command screen. This is the combination of keys and buttons needed to open it:

PC: Ctrl + SHIFT + C

Tricks of the Sims 2

Help tricks

HELP : shows the available tricks. Help (trick): To know what each trick does.

The 20 Cheats You NEED to Know And Use in The Sims 2 EXIT or key ESC : Exit the Trick Console. Expand or x : Increase the size of the trick console.

Money tricks

Caching: 1,000 simpletons. MOTHERHOOD: 50,000 simpletons. Money (x): You can add all the simpletons you want until 9.999.999.


Metaobjects {ON / OFF}: Edit and move all objects. Changelotzoning (Residential / Community / Greek / Dorm / Secret society / Apartments / Secretwitchlot / Hotel): Changes the type of solar indicated. Deleteallfences: Delete the fences. deleteallwalls: Delete the walls. Deleteallhalfwalls: Delete walls at half height. deletecalawings: Delete the awnings. DeleteallObjects (DOORS / Windows / Stairs): Delete the indicated objects.


Aging {ON / OFF}: Turn on or off aging. Force twins: Embarrassing a twin sim. AspirationLevel (0-5): Modify suction level. AspirationPoints (x): add suction points.

UnlockCareerRewards: Unlock race rewards. CHANGENEIGHBORHOODTYPE (primary / university / downtown / suburb / Asia / mountains / tropics): Change the neighborhood by The indicated one.

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