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It is the season of the election. Fifth five years, the presidential election will lead to Korea. This time, the proposals for the reorganization of the toxic Buddha are pouring. The president of the Daejeon-heon, the anticipation of the President of Post Corona 19 is a catalyst. Judinnet Korea gives this situation, considering this situation, 10 times a series of government organizational reorganization over 10 times. The past, present, and future desirable alternatives and prospects of organizational reorganization.

What is the reason why the toxic Buddha reorganism appeared in Korea as a presidential election issue. It is a national communication tooltron. It is because the government is not a message with a message with a message of the presidential officer and the era of the presidential election.

The calculations are prioritized for the difference between the difference between the difference between the present and the differentiation of the next government through the reorganization of the Buddha, Reorganization as an execution tool.

The presidential candidate for the presidential candidate has been strongly professedly professed. There is also a candidate for a large orientation of the reorganization of the organizational reorganization, and the specific reorganization Buddha is also a candidate. Policy Contributions People and businesses are interested in. The academic book is also the case of the Baek-ri (鳴 鳴). Buddha reorganization is a background called constant.

It is the flow of contrary to the dance of the reorganization that the content is important, not the format. The framework of government organizations is not important, but person, will and policy content are important, that the organization stabilization is important in front of the new government s innovation. It is sold to a water-length behavior hanging on a vested passage that is captured.

∎ The era spirit process Strong leadership... Future

If so, what is the spirit of this presidential election? There are many people who are fair and a powerful leadership. Process is assumed to equality and definition. The fair and hypocrite debate that the younger are summoned is large. There is a thirst on the leadership member on a turn on the political debate.

This time, the pursuit of the generations is to be evidently contrasted. For example, the twenties, 30 definitions, the 40s, the 50s, the 50s, the 50s, the 60s, the 60s, and the 70s are different, and 70s are different. Of course, the people who triggered the real estate are on the basis of generations.

But there is a common point that is distinguished from the previous. It is to require a powerful leadership in the new age. It is impossible for this to be in the first-year-old candidate, and this is the position of Lee Jae-nam, Yoon Suk, and Hong Joon-pyo. Process is also in contact with the keywords called Future.

Future is an ancien régime (ANCIEN R.), that is, a breaks with the specification agent. Changes and future frames are useful for each regime. Talk to the change of the dictator. It is an era requirement to change and progress. The Daejong is more than a bridge that links the past and the future.

The Buddha Reorganism of the Daejeon-heon is so that it is also big as the sincerity of the era. This is because the government organization of the industrialization age is reflecting the opinion to change to the new organization of the 4th Army Industry Revolution. It is simply a situation that is merely redesigning the function itself beyond the dispersion and integration.

The Buddha reorganization is a reasons to talk to a bowl that contains a huge and a desire of a new era. It is a tool and a means of era. It is a background for declarations such as the establishment of national life, such as real estate and jobs, and the new and separation of the departments related to the future, and separation of the department.

There are many toxic to the residential office or the new residence of the Housing Department among the candidates. Reads the failure of real estate policies as a department that will be overwhelmed by depression and future policy commitment.

It is a change that is expected to change in the Department of Land Transport. Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dedicated Department, Intellectual Property, Small Office, and Content Agency. It is a menu that wants a change in the Daemunan. The new claim of the residence of the disaster, considering the disaster situation since Corona 19, is the same context.

∎ Specifying the Corrective Sharpness Banner...

The opposition party is better. An alternative is a differentiation strategy of dimension. The professional Buddhaon of the housing sector mentioned above is more advantageous. The mid-term and industrial united plans are also a flip-driven dimension of policies pursuant to the ruling party. Distributors and unification sections include a symbolism that will dismantle the dedicated menu of the progress regime.

It is interested in the Buddha dimension. Although it criticizes the tissue selfishness, it is the real characteristics of the tissue theory. It can be compared to a survival problem, which can not be abandoned.

Representative is the Lee Myung Bak government. At that time, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Marine Fisheries was a combination of absorption without notice. The destination of the tissue, the fate of bureaucrats, showed the situation of the situation. The collecting points of retraction bureaucrats (OB) were also faded.

It is the prevalence of the election season before the prevalence of the election. As an industrial part, the illustrations of the medium-term expansion, the foreign ministry in the normal division, and the new edition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tissue has been directly linked to the fact that the organization has been reputed and after retirement.

The industry can not be ignored. In the Industrial Economic Policy, which is regulated and promotion, the devotion of the department is replaced by the logic of the profit stool. The regulation of large corporations is also read as the promotion of SMEs, and the regulatory mitigation of large enterprises can be read as a retreat of SME policy.

This time, the reorganization of the Economic District of the Economic Economy Sector is a huge. In Corona 19, a job and housing and welfare associated with the welfare are the top priority.

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Civilians, jobs irritation... Industrial and Economic Buddha Priority Review

There is nothing to go away. Let s go back to the past. The Kim Young-sam s government said at the time of the collapse of the Seongsu Bridge, Ahn Hyun-dong Gas Explosion, Article, and Kim Il Sung Death,

The Kim Dae-jung government raised the science and technology to the Science and Technology, and returned the gaze of the Korean economy that is shaded of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) system. ICT · Science and Technology s knowledge information industry countries were used as keth phrases of nationalism integration and hope.

The Roh Moo-hyun government has launched the Deputy Prime Minister s Department of Science and Technology, and presented the blueprint of Entry of Science. Science and Technology Through the governance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, it was a message of Future blueprints that would advance to the coming ICT-based industrial fusion era.

On the other hand, the Lee Myung Bak government has been in the front of the four major rivers, which dismantled the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Information and Communication Department, while the Lee Myung Bak government,

The new government departure was changed to anxiety from the first growth expectation. The result of the dismantling of future departments. Aimed at the representative department of the full-time government is the case that came back to Anxiety rather than Disruption. It is anxiety about the regression of the past. Information science and civil engineering construction is the future and past pronoun.

Park Geun-hye, utilized this reverse. I changed the regression of the past regression with the Future Creation Science Department that integrates the differentiation banner with the full-time government. Through industrial convergence between science and technology based on ICT · a blueprint hagetdaneun leading creative economy, cultural prosperity, entrepreneurship country.

What about the election. Chireun from the chairwoman government collapsed election situation and the dimensions are different. She mandeuljago the country down the country, but the process is the buzzword was about hwahal Fight. Property and livelihood caused by the corona 19, has emerged as a top priority.

Buddha gaepyeonron is the gathering point of interest. Governmental organizations and the bowl tool of communication practice contains a commitment on the part of candidates. How can the consumer chuseureugo separator also how you want to break through in the fourth round of industrial revolution daejeonhwan. The jajilron leader revealed intact.

The election comes soon brackets. How jobs, welfare and future with daejeonhwan era stimulate the economy of the post corona 19 it has been put on the naelji to calculate growth and distribution discourse department reorganization focused attention.

An expert in the industry, ministry reorganization, keep in mind that more than a message of hope given to the people, he ordered the direction that the presidential candidates in that respect, it is natural that holds the future daejeonhwan.

Another official said, It is also important to create a K-phrases such as secondary to the future-oriented vision, such as digital daejeonhwan and digital welfare, primarily is that it is necessary that holds good mental age of citizens needs, said he said.