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Then, he has finally reached the end of the first area in The last stand: consequences and have been treated by a large closed door and an even larger wall. If you are hitting your head against a brick wall trying to go out through the door, then we have the perfect thing for you. Our The Last Stand: Consequences Open The Gates Task Guide will show you how to open those doors soon.

The Last Stand: Consequences Open the Gates Task Guide

First, Radar will communicate with you and ask him if he is on the wall, and then he will explain how to open the doors, although he probably should not judge for the rest of the conversation. First, make sure you are cured and fully charged too. First you must travel to the side of the map, then to the other, to light two different generators.

The Last Stand Aftermath - Zombie Apocalypse Scavenging Roguelite RPG

Before leaving either, use the unbreakable parts of the chain fence to eliminate zombies safely. Whenever you position yourself correctly, you will not be diverted from your way to try to find an opportunity.

Once you have completely cleared the horde or have simply thinned it a little, traverse the door at the bottom of the left side and walk to the wall. Here you should loot all you can and prepare for the fight. You have to activate a generator to turn on the door, then activate the mechanism. You will be overwhelmed thanks to how noisy the generator is, but keeps firing and dodging, and you should be fine.

If you have difficulties, remember that you can flee through the chain fence and use it as a bottleneck to have a little space to breathe.

With that, basically, go to the other side and do it again. This time things are probably a little more complex on the right side, since the fence is much more like a labyrinth. Use it in your favor to channel zombies a little. Apart from that, it is exactly the same process. Once you have opened the door, you can jump to your car and get away as quickly as possible, assuming it was remembered fuel and repairing your car before starting.

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