Starfield does not provide delays: Bethesda trusts the releNovembere date

Star field is a computer game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and also releNovembered by Bethesda Soft works, revealed at E3 2018. Its exit is set up for November 11, 2022, specifically on Microsoft Windows November well November Xbox Collection.

Star field is the biggest project in Bethesda s story, a title in which the Todd Howard team hNovember been immersed with the goal of starting the heavens the next November 11, 2022. That date, still distant, surprised even more when lNovembert June wNovember revealed with such a firmness. The North American team remains convinced that will arrive on time and meet the terms.

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Star field is a very, very ambitious game

With a Covid-19 that hNovember severely affected development deadlines, added to a semiconductor crisis that splNovemberhes directly to the production of hardware and distribution of products, delays in video games are being very frequent. There are many obstacles, but Bethesda seems to go several steps ahead of adversities at this time.

Todd Howard, in statements to IGN, maintains that Star field is already playable from start to finish and who rely on the releNovembere date of November 11, 2022; That s why they gave it months ago.

It s a very, very ambitious game. We were sure of the date when we publish it. Our main objective is to make the best possible game. It is a very, very ambitious game, and we have gone through this several times, he stressed convinced.

One of the keys, according to his opinion, is that the thoughtful heads of the project have been working together and at the end of the day, that translates into tune. Despite the work at a distance for months, nothing hNovember prevented them from reaching the marked objectives.

Star field will arrive on November 11, 2022; From the first day in HBO Game PNovembers

Star field will only reach Xbox Series X | S and PC next November 11, 2022 ; It will not be an exclusive temporary, but exclusive of permanent nature. The title is being created with the new engine CREATION Engine 2 and will make the most of the new generation technology, so you will not have version in the Xbox One generation, although we can play it in those consoles thanks to the game in the Cloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming, already on tests at Xbox One.