Square Enix enters the business of the NFT

Square Enix is a Japanese video game growth and also releasing company developed from the merging of video game programmer Square and publisher Unix on April 1, 2003. The company is best recognized for its role-playing video game franchises, which include the Last Dream, Dragon Mission, as well as Kingdom Hearts series. Of its buildings, the Final Fantasy franchise business is the best-selling, with complete worldwide sales of over 144 million devices. The Dragon Mission collection has actually offered over 78 million units worldwide while the Kingdom Hearts collection has actually marketed over 24 million copies worldwide. Since its beginning, the company has actually created or published hundreds of titles in numerous computer game franchises on many video gaming systems. Square Enix has owned Tito Firm, which continues to publish its very own computer game, since September 2005, and got video game author Lidos Interactive in April 2009, which has been combined with Square Enix s European distribution wing as well as renamed as Square Enix Europe. This checklist includes some retail video games where Square Enix was the designer or key author after its formation. It likewise consists of video games published by Square Enix s North American subsidiary (Square Enix Inc.). Nevertheless, it does not consist of video games published by subsidiaries Tito or Square Enix Europe.

For games launched before the merging, see Checklist of Square computer game as well as Checklist of Unix video games For mobile video games launched by the company, see Checklist of Square Enix mobile games. For game franchises, see List of Square Enix computer game franchises. For games launched by Tito, both before and after the procurement, see Checklist of Tito games. For games released by Lidos prior to purchase see Checklist of Lidos Interactive video games, and also for video games released after that see Listing of Square Enix Europe video games.

Most Exciting Time To Be In Bitcoin (NFT Gaming + Metaverse Is The Future)

NFT, or a non-fungible item, is one of the most striking conversation topics of recent days. Despite all the reviews that this service represents, not only for the environment, but for the concept of authenticity and dominance, large company worldwide has begun to invest in this new market, and one of them Es square Unix, who They are ready to follow this tendency to everything it gives.

In its most recent financial report, the Japanese company revealed that, after a series of successful tests in collaboration with the company Double Jump Tokyo, SE will go to [one] Stage of Complete Marketing in a future. In this way, NFT Fantasy or Tomb Raider is likely to be on sale next year.

Square Enix is ​​not the first video game company to accept the NFTs as a way of marketing, since Sega, Ubisoft and EA are already working in this aspect as well. This means that an item that is purchased for a title can be marketed with other online uses. Similarly, the element in question will be part of a Blockchain, which can work even after the closing of servers.

This provides a great list of possibilities, since The nature of Blockchain games means that items can be exchanged between different platforms. At the moment it is not clear that you want to do Square Enix in this market, but it is certain that we will listen more about this business in the coming months.

On related topics, Square Enix admits that marvel s Avengers was a failure. Similarly, here you can see the new trailer of TRIANGLE STRATEGY.

Editor s note:

The theme of the NFT remains delicate. Although there are more arguments against this new technology, they are only the great companies that plan to market their items that wish to take advantage of the users, this regardless of the environmental damage it causes to create an NFT.