Spider-Gwen gets her own Gwen

Spider-Woman is the name in the code of a number of fictitious characters in the comics published by Marvel Comic books. The very first as well as original variation is Jessica Drew, as well as the 2nd variation is Julia Carpenter.

Ghost-Spider, Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Gwen — whatever you call her, she s around to be the hero of a brand-new Marvel multiverse event story titled Gwen-Verse that brings together several versions of Gwen Stacy from around the Marvel multiverse for a collaborated in 2022.

Origin of Spider-Gwen: Edge of Spider-Verse | Comics Explained Strangely enough, Ghost-Spider (the newest code name used by the alt-Earth version of Gwen Stacy that is a superhero) debuted in Spider-Verse, a tale about many versions of Spider-Man from various globes all interacting to deal with a homicidal hazard, suggesting that with the beginning of her very own Gwen-Verse event, she s coming cycle at Marvel Comic books.

Wonder s news, via Twitter, doesn t name a creative group or provide any kind of summary for Gwen-Verse.

That claimed, the coming with art from David Okayama shows Ghost-Spider front-and-center, together with mashed-up versions of Gwen combined with Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Guy, Thor, Captain Marvel, as well as even her Night-Gwen/Night bird manifestation from the current Heroes Reborn event.

This host of Ghost-Spider mash-ups comes hot on the heels of a comparable collection of mash-up stories for Gwen s long period of time allay Miles Morales, with the freshly revealed title What If?: Miles Morales concentrating on alternative fact variations of Miles that adhere to in the footprints of heroes such as Captain America and Wolverine, as opposed to Spider-Man.

Marvel s fondness for mashing up its personalities is nothing new — the author has actually accepted the idea as part of its recurring philosophy of the illusion of adjustment. In reality, Marvel mashing up Gwen Stacy with other heroes isn t also a new suggestion, even past Spider-Gwen, as the publisher developed a series of alternative covers a couple of years ago including similar Gwen Stacy mash-ups.

That collection of variant covers at some point brought about the production of Gwen pool by Chris Bachelor, a mash-up of Gwen Stacy as well as Deadpool that later on became her own completely different personality named Gwen Poole, who has since entered into the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Gwen-Verse 1 goes on sale in February 2022. Stay tuned to ENSAAMA for Wonder s complete February 2022 solicitations, coming later on this month.