Spain: Spectators wanted to run over players

In Spain, a fourth league game between CD Quinton and CD Atlético Trello (1: 0) played to shocking scenes. After the final whistle there was a scandal.

When the Mellon team had made his way to the team bus, suddenly an SUV raced towards the team and did not make institutions to brake.

About ten minutes later, these two persons tried on the wheel of an SUV, our staff and the coaching staff to run over and then fled, says in a statement of the club. Already before, two persons should have offended the team after the game violently.

Three people have violated the attack. Our Physiotherapist Marta, our Equipment Manager Jose and our player Jose Luis Gallegos, confirmed the club. According to media reports, the police have already identified the two perpetrators.

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The hosts also responded to the incident: Our club wishes Atlético Mellon a good return journey, we regret the incident that is foreign to our club philosophy, and we are glad that nothing has happened seriously.