Silkroad online today received not one but two large updates

Joy max is very strangely leading your flagstone Ice Temple. The local updates — if they appear — they do not apply to the whole game, but individual servers.

And so we are today witnesses the premiere of not one but two different updates for two different servers.

The TAKE server received:

Maximum level of experience enlarged up to 110 LVL A new map — Alexandria New items and skills for each class New powerful monsters

In turn Rhea (this one of the oldest worlds in Silk road) received:

Maximum level of experience enlarged up to 140 LVL

New Map — Shamble Shore New monsters Ice Temple and Fire Temple

Silkroad Online - 2019. HUGE UPDATE IS COMING! And increased skill level

This is nothing spectacular, but we should enjoy that Silk road Online — after sixteen years on the market — still develops somehow.

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