Schalke 04: Cabin Strengthens allegedly chosen grammozis

At FC Schalke 04, the restlessness is back. The 2: 4 (1: 2) at home against the SV Darmstadt 98 in the 2nd Bundesliga was the third commutation in a row without victory. Prompts the chair of coach Dimitrios Grammars wobbles. But the S04 players continue to sit on the 43-year-olds.

The latest negative trend of Schalke 04 has led to significant statements of the management level. Although Schalkes director Rouen Schröder opposite Sky clearly made sure that the coach is not the debate.

Schalkes chief Peter Anabel, however, in conversation with the Ruhr news, an equally significant demand to the coach: We now have two weeks to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to make a difficult away game in Bremen. We have to use this time carefully to make mistakes and get fresh wind in our game. Player, coaching team and staff, all together are in demand.

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If this is not possible, Dimitrios Grammars are likely to come to uncomfortable weeks. Like Sky registered on Monday, internally, despite the public backing, continue to discuss the future of the exercise leader.

Support resides the coach according to the picture meanwhile by the players. The Schalke cabin is therefore almost completely behind Dimitrios Grammars. The S04 professionals appreciate the close exchange with the German-Greek, who advises themselves together with the leaders about training times. This is good, it says.

It is clear: Grammars has to use the time during the country game phase with his coaching team to bring Schalke 04 back to the track. According to the defeats against Darmstadt and Dagenham (0: 1), the royal blue in the 2nd Bundesliga ranked five place. In addition, the bitter cup of pokey against third division 1860 Munich is in the bones (0: 1).