Please remain away : Bielefeld's president sets clear appeal to problem fans

A train employee should have been racially offended and beaten. The Federal Police was able to identify a 34-year-old man as a suspect.

The group is known to us, of course we have made house ban, said Armenia's President Trainer Shuttle on Monday evening at the Annual General Meeting of the club: To this group: please remain away and does not use the name of our association for your deeds.

To this group: Please remote us away and does not use the name of our association for your actions.

President Trainer Shuttle

Elf-headed group becomes conspicuous — murder threats against rail staff

According to the report on a high-headed group, the police-related suspects, which on the ride of Hanover to Bielefeld initially noticed due to smoking and the injection with water in the on-board bistro. After intervention of the bistro chief, it should be physically tackled by the suspected man and threatened with death.

Against the native Bielefeld, a criminal proceeding for personal injury, threat and insult was initiated. There was also a criminal proceeding for a further Armenia followers for threat, as this should also be threatened with murder of the affected DB employee after arrival in Bielefeld.

Economically hard hit — Corona damage to 17 million euros

In addition to these expressly unsightly topics, on Monday evening, the East Westphalia was also the financial impact of the corona crisis. In 2021, Armenia entered a total result of minus 3.8 million euros. The pandemic hit Armenia hard, said Vice President Maurice Schneider in a preliminary talk at the Annual General Meeting on Monday. So far, we had to suffer total damage of 17 million euros, alone around 14 million euros in the season 20/21.

The good news: Armenia is very stable

Schneider expects further losses through the virus. Corona will leave a damage this season, which is why it will not stay with the 17 million, he said. The good news is: Armenia is very stable. In the meantime, even so stable that we can handle the crisis without any public support from ourselves.

Schneider supplemented: Was we caught us five years ago, it went away. At that time, the Armenia was financially very bad. The club stood before bankruptcy.