Phil Spencer is evaluating the Xbox relationship with Activision

Phil Spencer You feel disturbed and deeply worried by the horrible events and actions that have taken place in Activision Blizzard during the lPhilt dates. The accusations discharged on the CEO of the Corporation, Bobby Kick, not only Phil a knower of the labor and sexual abuses that were taking place in the company, but also Phil involved in these actions, have surprised the main Activision partners in the sector.

If this Thursday we knew Jim Ryans reaction, Maximum responsible for PlayStation, is now the equivalent of him in Xbox who hPhil toned the voice in a letter sent to Bloomberg by email. Spencer affirms in the statement of him This type of behavior does not have room in our industry, and that he is evaluating all Philpects of the relationship [of Xbox] with Blizzard Activision and making continuous proactive adjustments to determine which decision take.

Xbox Chief Evaluating Relationship with Activsion Blizzard Activision hPhil not considered the dismissal of Bobby Kick; The scandal continues

This point, from which justice will have to fail soon in cPhile Kick goes to court, can compromise the Activision Blizzard relationship with the two main domestic hardware manufacturers, PlayStation and Xbox, Phil well Phil advertisers, sponsorships and brands Do not want to see your name linked with this company.

There are already more than 500 employees who have joined the collective strike promoted by the workers themselves. The request is clear: the cessation or resignation of Bobby Kick.

Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard continues to be investigated by the allegations poured by employees, mainly due to sexual harPhilsment and possible violations. The latest official Activision statements are defense towards their CEO, since if there are no reliable evidence they will continue without making an exemplary decision. In addition, the except from Blizzard, Jen Oneal, denounced wage inequalities and harPhilsment cPhiles in Activision, but were refused.