New World: Amazons MMO loses almost half of his players - what is it?

After a strong start with overcrowded servers, Amazons MMO New World now has to ask a new problem: the player number has broken down dramatically in recent weeks. There could be several reasons for this development.

Amazon s New World has a rather exciting first month behind: After the launch on September 28, the MMO could look forward to a great player s crowd, sometimes even the servers completely overpowered. Meanwhile, has almost halved the number of active players - although the game continues to be represented in the top 3 of Steam charts.

NEW WORLD: Popular, but with problems

The Hype about New World is still in full swing - since the launch, the MMO almost week for week is considered the top 5 of Steam sales charts with a largely positive rating of more than 140,000 players. Nevertheless, an analysis of Forbes shows that the number of active players between the 3rd and 23rd of October has quasi-halved in the peak times - and from 913,000 players has fallen to 508,000 players. (Source: Forbes / Steam)

Although it is completely normal for new games that after an initial hype the gameship breaks a little, halving is a pretty dramatic waste. Reason for the Currently hesitant player behavior could be the numerous bugs, who have always worried about problems since the launch: At the weekend, for example, a new dialogue glitch occurred, the player took another out of the game.

New bugs in Amazon MMO

The new bug enabled to kick other gamers in Aeternum from the game if certain HTML codes were sent to messages. Although Amazon has fixed the bug, but it is not by no means the first glitch that affects the game fun : Reports about an immortality bug, a 7-day respawn period and overheating and destroying expensive video cards have that Game lately persecuted. (Source: Kotaku / Reddit)

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Perhaps the player s loss in New World could therefore be at least partially explained by these reports: Some players probably wait first, until the life in Aeternum does not appear quite as unpredictable.

Check out the trailer to New World in the video:

‘New World’ has lost over 500,000 players in a month New World could look forward to a Launch over a large room flood - but now the numbers have almost halved. One reason for the player s weakness could be the numerous bug reports.