Maxi Arnold escalated according to BVB

Wolfsburg's midfielder Maximilian Arnold has reacted very acidified to the questions of a reporter to BVB striker Erlang Haaland.

After the 1-3 defeat of the wolves against Borussia Dortmund asked the reporter at Arnold, to what extent the resolving of Haaland, who had been used against the wolves for the first time for more than a month and a hip boss violation and equal to 3: 1 had achieved influence on the game.

That's great shit, Arnold Burnt. The reporter drilled again, spoke of Haaland incredible physics and a duel, the Arnold led to the Norwegian.

Arnold then hesitated, laughing briefly ironically and asked, Did he get the ball? When the reporter denied, Arnold laid accordingly: Exactly

Haaland vs a Wolfsburg supporter ???????????? Haaland had been born against the wolves and Arnold in the 73rd minute for Donnell and then had broken two Bundesliga records immediately with his hits to 3: 1. He is with only 50 games he needed for his 50 Bundesligatore, the fastest he ever made to this brand — and also the youngest with 21 years and 293 days.

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