Masterpiece RPG Remaster Final Fantasy V Pixel Limaster 2nd Update Delivery to Modify Many Bugs

Square Enix has started delivering the second update of the masterpiece RPG remaster Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster.

In the update, a number of defects such as various cases that occurred in the ability capture Hands and a problem that a particular monster does not appear. The balance of battle content is also conducted, such as the speed adjustment of the ability dash and fighting to attenuate with a specific skill.

Adjustment about battle

Ability Kabul triggered even in dying.

In a battle that can not escape, it has been changed to continue even if it is annihilated that the ability to use the ability cake is annihilated.

Adjusted the effect of the ability fighting to attenuate correctly when using some commands such as Moro mo or Jump.

The HP reduction effect of ISARA's crown continued during the battle.

When the accessory automatically caused auxiliary effectiveness is equipped with an accessory that has become unbolt, battles and zombie, the auxiliary effect was made to restore the auxiliary effect after recovery.

We reduced the condition abnormal resistance of some boss monsters.

Fixed a phenomenon that could take different counters behavior from the originally when a special attack such as Rigid Flame is performed multiple attacks.

In some boss monsters, we adjusted the condition of whether a special counter action occurred at the time of defeat, etc., and did not jump if there is an event. In addition, when three or more consecutive attacks are performed, we have confirmed the phenomenon that the counter behavior and events may not occur unintentionally. We will continue to fix this as a problem.

Adjustment for map events

We lowered the movement speed due to the ability dash.

We adjusted the black Chicago movement pattern and made it easy to catch.

Fixed a defect

Battle related

If you use the ability Ayahs and Capture and Satsuma continuously, the behavior may be cracked or processing may be heavy. Note that the selected monster will not be before execution of Capture, and if you take another monster, the behavior of Naruto may be confusing. Also, if the character with the monster is taken off the party, the monster that you caught upon re-join will be lost. We will continue to fix these two cases.

If you use space-time magic quick in the ability Renkumama, the subsequent behavioral order may be confusing.

The behavior may be confusing if the ability imitation is used under a specific condition.

Advanced to enemies that have stopped actions are disabled by using Rug ken.

Parameter changes due to ability and equipment may not be correctly reflected.

ATB gauge may not be properly maintained at counter action.

An enemy skill Dance of the dead is also subject to a character that is temporarily releasing from the battle.

If you use gold needle to a specific monster such as Stone Golem, the subsequent behavior may be vain or advanced.

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The consumption MP half effect of gold hair decoration may not function properly.

When the zombie state is in state, the additional effect of the equipped weapon does not activate correctly, and it may cause funny behavior.

The motion when using the ability UK Atari is incorrect.

Map event related

Boss monster Necropolis may not occur under a specific condition. Note that the corresponding battle has been rejected again by restarting from save data before rust floor rush or loading clear data created after this update. If there is already a defect, please do not need some kind of response.

There are places where the topography settings and the moving settings on the vehicle are incorrect on the World Map.

At a specific timing, the topographic change of the world map is incorrect.

There is a place where a battle encount occurs unintended at the sea of ​​the game.

It may not be possible to return to the vehicle that has fallen after a specific event occurs.

After externally out of a specific dungeon, if tempo is used elsewhere, the transition destination may become funny.

There is a place where it becomes advanced when a specific map such as the tower of Wolf is moved in the frog Bobby state.

Limit Dungeon or battle may be advanced under certain conditions.

Event may be generated repeatedly by performing a specific operation.

If the interrupted save performed at a specific timing is resumed, a battle that should be generated will not occur.

Advancement is disabled when resuming interruption save performed in a specific place.

When cottage etc. is recovered using cottage etc. when the zombie state is recovered, it can not be cured with Holy Water.

There is an error in the playback time of some songs for the sound player.

※ We will continue to update in addition to the corresponding content.

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster is distributed for PC (Steam) / iOS / Android.