LOL: This would be the best game champion if the objects did not exist

Viego Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends League of Legends: Wild Break (shortened LoL: WR or just Wild Break) is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game created as well as published by Riot Games for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game is a customized version of the PC game League of Legends. As in League of Legends, gamers control a personality ( champion ) with special abilities and fight against a group of players or AI-controlled units, with the objective of damaging the opposing group s Nexus. Each League of Legends: Wild Rift match is distinct, with all champions beginning fairly weak but enhancing in stamina by building up items as well as experience over the program of the game. The champions are influenced by a range of categories, including high dream, steampunk, and Lovecraft horror.

The power of League of Legends champions is determined by the sum of the elements that compose it and Riot Games has managed so that not everything is a matter of statistics. There are many elements that determine the power of a character and go beyond their innate skills of attack, damage or armor. However, neither all the effort of the developer could make the cold numbers let them import.

Keep in mind that we have discarded the infinite climbing champions as Senna, ASUS or Hagar. They would be the best and would take away any interest rate to this particular League of Legends.

The perfect champion in a League of Legends without objects

In some cases the statistics are deceptive, since Some heroes have shortcomings in key areas As the attack damage that later compensates with objects in an effort to adjust its balance between the early and late game. However, there are exceptional characters capable of shining in all the records that have made us wonder what would be the best game champion if the objects did not exist. An issue that, by the mere desires to make a discovery, we wanted to solve.

There were many things to discard when carrying out a classification of this imaginary world in which the game of Riot Games would lack items. The first and most obvious was discard the champions that used MANA and focus on those who only use resources that reinforce the character (such as the Fury of Benetton or Gear). A first division that left us as a main suspicious to someone who we already talked about analyzing the champions with greater base damage to League of Legends: Tryndamere.

Collecting his statistics without objects or runes (we are not counting them either) both at the first level of the game and in the highest possible we see that the character is in a good position to which one must add a couple of innate characteristics. On the one hand, there is possibility of cure that it shares with characters like SETT and, on the other, one practically unique capacity to send critical strokes that increase the damage to each basic attack and also have synergy with the rest of his skills.

As we see in the table in which the statistics of him and the position he occupies counting on all the League of Legends champions, during the first minutes of starting occupies the Top 10 in a total of four categories. There were barely a few competitors that we have discarded...

Benetton : Very firm competition, but too dependent on the chupasangre to work. Gear : Although in its mega shape it is bright, when it does not have it available, it stays far from behind.

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LED : too dependent on Karl, although another of the most solid contenders. She : Maybe the best alternative due to the skill kit of him, despite not having a positive resource. Kennel and Rumble : No power of skill, it is not as threatening as the rest of the champions and the statistics of it are not brilliant.

As always, we have also tried to do the opposite exercise thinking which would be the worst champion. Our conclusion is that it would most likely be YURI, since without the feedback of MANA and the improvements to cures that bring the objects and runes, it would happen to it very badly to stay useful in most of the traps of the game. In addition, he would suffer greatly in the line phase.

This time we are not before an absolute truth, and it is very possible that there are characters that we have not considered or may have any of those who have discarded you better. The good thing about this League of Legends fiction exercise is that it is very subject to opinions or personal theories, so do not hesitate to let us know your opinion in the comments.