LOL: Doublelift makes your hatred I hate and stars the drama of the offseason

At dawn on November 10, Killing Double lift Peng commented on Stream one of the reasons why he is not competing in the LCS. He pointed directly to Team Solo mid, where he played at the end of 2020 and maintains contract as Streamer.

After the withdrawal of Siren Bergen Berg, Team Solo mid began the renewal process without Danish. The lower lane would also receive changes with a new support: HU Sword Art Shuo-Chieh. As reported at that time, the negotiation had some problems. Andy Reginald Dion, founder of the squad, had to shuffle some possibilities in case the world subcampeon could not compete in North America. From here, there are two versions.

On the side of Double lift, Lena EU, president of the organization, elaborated sharing that Reginald put on the table options as Nguyễn Palette HAI Trunk (Support) and Cristian Paradox Paradox (Central Lane). The American shooter should consider a squad with both elements for 2021, but he rejected the offer. As a result, Lawrence Lost She Buy Hui did not transfer to Evil Geniuses to occupy the Double lift role. Moments later, Sword art had signed with the Multicampus of North America.

Double lift commented that Sword of him came in contact with him, expressing desire to share the lower lane with the veteran. Lena convinced him to talk to Reginald to consider a renewal, but this was not possible. Months later, Team Solo mid could not win the Spring Split, staying without great finish.

The second version of the facts comes directly from Reginald. Through a publication on Reddit, he offered a timeline something different from the first. Here we learn that the conflicts began because Double lift was not very happy with having a team that did not speak completely English. In addition, the version with Paradox and Palette did not meet American standards, making it even more difficult to find an ideal set for season 2021.

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Interestingly, Reginald was willing to form a global caliber Solo mid team, with names like are Legends Si-Woo or other LACK support.

At the end of the day, All the members involved in the LCS agreed on having Lost as a headline. In that context, marching with a developing player was better for Team Solo mid in the long term. There was not much interest in having the services of Someone Indecision I do want to play or retire. In the same text, Reginald commented to be disappointed and overtaken that he will start the process to separate paths with Doublet.

Finally, Double lift expressed his wishes that Team Solo mid does not win any LCS from now on. Reginald, on the other hand, elaborated in why it is difficult to work with the now ex-athlete. He mentioned that he is undecided, the companions of him do not like to work with him and usually ventilate situations that do not like.

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At the end of the day, as Lena mentioned, it seems a shock of two egos that pointed to the same goal, but with different plans. As for if Double lift will play next year, he commented that there are no safe plans for it.