Len's Island Guide for beginners

In this Islam de Len guide for beginners, we will tell you everything you need to know to start with this construction game and crawling of Flow Studio.

What is Islam de Len ?

Isla de Len is a game that combines the exploration of an island and the construction of a house with the crawling of dungeons. There is a lot to do if you just like to run down an island cultivating and building, but the true essence of the game, and the real challenge, is underground.

The product of a successful Kickstarter, has been under development from around 2017 more or less by the Australian Game Developer Flow Studio, and is also the first commercial launch of this developer in Steam. Let's start with the Islam de Len Guide for beginners!


Creating a new character in Islam de Len (and a new world) is quite simple. First, let's start with the world: the Islam de Len The map is static, so you do not have to worry about any kind of randomness.

As for your character, you can choose your origin (which determines the color of your skin), your style (masculine or feminine) and some different garments. You will not have to worry about the statistics or anything like that.

Your origin and sex can not be changed once the game has already begun, so I can say, so be sure to choose something with what you are happy! However, you can change clothes a little later in the game (and even unlock some new color options).

Islam de Len Guide for beginners: his first day on the island

Once you have created your character, you will find yourself on a beach next to a small raft. That raft is quite important: it contains a toolbox and a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag will allow you to sleep at night, overtaking the game a day. It can also be used to save your game.

Now is the time to start with your first day: Start by gathering some materials. You will want to start with Wood, Fiber, Clay and Stone. You can get wood of trees, plant fiber, gray rock stone and red rock clay.

How your inventory works in Islam de Len

While you will have to collect these items, you may wonder where they are. You can access them by pressing Tab to see your inventory at any time. It is divided between resources, food and agriculture and construction.

But what about your tools? I will refer you back to the toolbox on your raft: it does not acquire specific tools and weapons to the extent that it unlocks and can access them from any toolbox at any time. Do you need a free Hot bar slot? Drag your ax or sword outside the quick access bar; You can always recover it later in any toolbox.

While working, take note of the two energetic bars under your hot bar:

The top bar is your health and the lower bar is your hunger. As expected, his health going down to zero will result in he dies and reappears where he slept for the last time. The food can cure yourself if you have suffered any damage.

LEN'S ISLAND 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW! New RPG Exploration, Crafting, Base Building And Survival!

Your hunger meter, on the other hand, will begin to exhaust your health (but it will not kill you immediately) if it reaches zero. You will need to eat something earlier than late. So we will approach that below in this Islam de Len guide for beginners.

How to get food

Taking food Islam de Len is not that difficult at the beginning of the game, all you need to do is find a Blue Berry bush and hit him with your sword. Occasionally, you can also find food in boxes, and you can buy food in the city.

While the collection of wild berries is a sustainable source of food, it is likely that it runs out rapidly once you start exploring underground. That's where agriculture enters: Read our Islam de Len Farming Guide to get an explanation of how it works.

Building his first house in Islam de Len

Now that he has gathered some resources and food, our language of Len Guide for Beginners will continue with the construction of his first house. The construction system of this game is quite intuitive. Note that you can get a refund for anything you have built; Do not worry about building in the wrong place here.

Personally I recommend building your first house right next to the boat where you started the game. This gives you easy access to a bed and a toolbox, which saves you the hassle of creating them at the beginning of the game. You will still be quite close to the first dungeon (The Ancient Caves), and you will also be right next to the city of Bridgewater.

How to unlock new tools, weapons and construction parts with recovered metal

You may wonder if you can update your tools or get more construction pieces. In fact, you can: simply build a workbench (which costs 10 metals recovered) and you will get the ability to unlock new tools, weapons and pieces of construction. Fundamentally, this workbench also allows you to create new elements.

In general, unlocking new elements will cost a part of the metal recovered at least. While you can buy some weapons and tools of the game, you can also create a fair updating your work bank.

Where is the Islam de Len City?

The city of Len's Island is northeast on the island in which you start, but you will not be able to get to it immediately. You must repair the bridge to Bridgewater before you can access the city.

You will need to collect 80 stones (you can get from gray rocks) and 40 limestones (you can get from the big white rocks in the water). Then, follow the north coast from your boat; You will find the bridge within walking distance. Walk towards him and click with the left button; Then you will be asked to repair the bridge. Bridgewater has several key locations that are useful to earn money, get equipment and personalize your character.

Below you will find a list of merchants in Bridgewater and what they buy and sell. After that, it's time to venture into dangerous territory!

Isla de Len List of Bridgewater merchants


Buy and sell resources related to metal. It also has a weapon for sale.

Coal Buy 10 by 15 gold Sells 10 for 5 gold Iron fragments Buy 5 per 10 gold Sells 5 by 3 gold Metal recovered Buy 10 by 20 gold Sells 10 for 5 gold


Sell ​​weapons.

Farmers market

Buy and sell crops and bread.

Bananas. Buy 5 by 15 gold Sells 5 by 4 gold Bread Buy 1 by 8 gold Sells 1 by 4 gold Blue berries Buy 5 per 10 gold Sells 5 by 3 gold Grapes Buy 5 by 15 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold Passion fruit Buy 5 by 15 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold Pumpkin Buy 5 by 20 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold Watermelon Buy 5 by 15 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold Wheat Buy 5 by 5 gold Sells 5 by 3 gold


Buy and sell glass. He also sells weapons.

Glass Buy 5 by 7 gold Sells 5 by 2 gold


Buy and sell flowers.

Lavender. Buy 5 per 10 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold Wonderful Buy 5 per 10 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold Pink Buy 5 per 10 gold Sells 5 by 5 gold


Buy and sell wood.

Wood Buy 10 by 2 gold Sells 10 by 1 gold

Merchant boat

Buy and sell sapphires. He also sells weapons.

Sapphire Buy 1 by 7 gold Sells 1 by 4 gold

Pirate Barrel.

Sell ​​weapons. You can also play Blackjack with the owner Lucky Jack.


Buy dark essence and light stone. Sell ​​backpacks. It also allows you to change clothes and hair and unlock new colors for both at a cost.

Dark essence Light stone Adventurer Backpack (250 Inventory Spaces, 5 Fast Bar Spaces) Pioneer Backpack (500 Inventory Spaces) Collector Backpack (1000 Inventory Spaces, 6 Fast Bar Spaces)

venturing into the ancient caves

You have gathered some resources and some food. Maybe you have built a small house, and you have started cultivating. What's Next? Your next movement, and the next part of this Islam de Len guide for beginners: venture into ancient caves.

Before leaving, make sure you have the following items in your quick access bar:

A weapon A peak. As many blueberries as you can find (Optional) A torch

Go to the northwest of the boat, and you will find a road. The city of Bridgewater is northeast; Instead, we go in the opposite direction. Follow the road and eventually bend towards the entrance of The Ancient Caves; It is quite difficult to overlook it.

The immediate area within the entrance of the cave is safe, but soon you will begin to find you with enemy creatures. You will also find stone, coal and iron in the cave in their respective rocks:

Apart from these rocks, you can also find pieces of metal recovered within barrels, as well as elsewhere in the world. The ancient caves are a pretty good source of this material, in particular.

However, it is not as easy as walking through the caves and collecting rocks. The enemies near the entrance are quite easy to kill, but soon you will face monsters and creatures the size of a man even larger than that. Do not venture further than you feel comfortable when entering; Remember, you can always raise some money with Farming and buy or manufacture better equipment to help you survive in the toughest fights.

Deepening (and beyond)

Now we are at the end of the Islam de Len guide for beginners; If you have followed my advice, you should be ready to acquire the resources you need and unlock new elements in the Workbench. What's Next?

Well, there is not much to do more than deepening: there is a lot of exploration to do at The Ancient Caves. Beyond that, there are other areas of the island to visit. Continue raising money, make sure you have a constant supply of food and do everything possible to prepare for upcoming battles; You will need all the advantages you can get.