League of Legends Star Bjergsen's Announcement Video to Team Liquid is leaked

A leaked announcement video has almost confirmed that the former icon of Team Solo mid League of Legends Siren, Bergen 'Berg will play for the 2022 LCS season with Team Liquid. The message follows the announcement in October that the player would separate from TSM after eight years in the North American giant.

I think Team Liquid is very similar to me in many ways, says Bergen during the video you can see below. They are really interested in winning — winning has top priority — and I think they show a lot of respect for the skill of the Esports and League of Legends, which really arrives with me.

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After Bergen had retired last season and in the past season had taken over the position of the Chef Trainer for TSM, he clearly kept his desire to compete at the highest level in the RIFT. Bergen's departure of TSM followed an eight-year-old time decorated at the organization, which made him one of the service elderly players for a single team of all time.

For many LCS fans, the change can be equated as Na legend Peter, Double lift 'Peng from Counter Logic Gaming said goodbye to switch to TSM in 2015 — that is Bergen's synonym for the organization. If confirmed, Bergen is now adjacent to the LEC imports Gabriel, WIPO 'Ran and Steven, Hans Samey' Liv and the returning squad members Lucas, Santorini 'Larsen and Jo, Core' Yong-in.

Bergen Welcome video is there from Team Liquid

A New Dynasty: Welcome TL Bjergsen!

Since this team Liquid-squad looks absolutely stacked on the paper, great expectations are charged to him in the LOL season 2022. The biggest question mark will hang over Bergen's head, because many fans will be curious whether he still has the stuff to measure themselves with the best midlayers in the world.