Girl with the spirits Iana fantasy 2D action ADV Aspire: INA's Tale Overseas December 17 release decision

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Untold Tales announced that Wonderful Studio Development 2D Action Adventure Aspire: INA's Tale was released on December 17, and the trailer has been released.

This game is a single play work that develops with 2D horizontal scrolling.

The player woke up for a long time and a girl Ina, seeks the reasons and escape measures, and the power of the spirit that can operate the object, solve the object, and find the hidden passage, and find the hidden passage. Borrow and adventure. In the way, it is considered to be able to enjoy the unique world view set for each stage and the mystery to be solved, and the story that is the story wrapped in the mystery.

Currently, PC demo versions where you can enjoy gameplay for 20 minutes is free delivery on this Steam store page.

The product version is for PC / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch, and will be released on December 17 for 12.99 dollars for overseas. Demo versions of Xbox One are scheduled to be delivered on December 7.

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