Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMORPG in the works of Square Enix, Gaea and JSC

Square Enix will merge with developers GAE and JSC (Joyful Space of Creation) for a mobile MMORPG in the world of Final Fantasy XV. As MMO Culture reported for the first time, an official press release was published today, in which the title of development announced and given some short information about what to expect from him.

First, it should have been made in Unreal Engine 4. Story technically it is a post-counting of Notes, GNIS, Gladiolus and Prompts Roundtrip adventure from the RPG 2016. It expects new missions and areas to be explored as the large pagoda and floating continents.

Since it is primarily a MMO, they should of course be expected that it differs significantly from the single player FF XV and his subsequent Pocket Edition. Harry discussed the impressive Pocket Edition at the start and said, In many ways it is a spectacular success — everything he intends to work outstanding, and they could happen that it is the best FF game for mobile phones.

According to enduing, the game will take over items from the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV, which included DLC / Story packs after the start. In the same piece, Park Jae-young, CEO of JSC, quotes: Final Fantasy XV Mobile has a haunting story, attractive characters and a App-specific feeling. We do our best to implement it.

New Final Fantasy XV Game is a Mobile MMORPG; In Development We know that the start is initially planned in China, but a global start is scheduled for a later date. The first trailer will arrive sometime in the first half of the year. That sounds both interesting and more than a bit strange. On the other hand, I also thought that Pocket Edition is a strange chess train, and that turned out to be pretty decent.

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