FC Schalke 04: Five stars without perspective

The previous season of FC Schalke 04 equals a roller coaster trip — with tendency to the negative. The same five players of the cadres in the summer are intended to have no perspective (more) under coach Dimitrios Grammars — including two new arrivals.

After a stopover, the FC Schalke 04 is back in crisis mode. Three compulsory duty defeats in a row hailed for the Bundesliga relegated in front of the country break. Consequently, the discussions about ChefCoach Dimitrios Grammars took on again.

The directional second league banger against Welder Bremen on Saturday (20:30) could even be a fate for the German Greeks. For the royal blue has to be without if and a victory.

FC Schalke 04: No perspective for Marc Ratajkowski and Co.

Great personnel surprises will not exist. Although Grammars most recently turned strongly and had to be a lot of criticism in the second round of the DFB Cup at third division 1860 Munich (0: 1). The S04 exercise leader uses his staff ramps but usually always from the same strain of players.

Therefore, five actors from the professional squad have no perspective on Schalke: Marc Ratajkowski, Time Becker, Keri Calhanoglu, Henning Patrician and Dries Routers.

Die Woche auf Schalke – Marc Rzatkowski im Interview

Routers and Ratajkowski have only been playing on Schalke since this season, which previously brought unusual ex-Bochum and Bielefeld even after closing the transfer window at the end of September to the scarce.

In Grammars match day gates, Ratajkowski did not make a single time in the 2nd Bundesliga. Instead, there are four missions with manageable services for the U23 in the Regionally West in his statistics.

Difficult Situation for self-freezes of FC Schalke 04

Routers, who had come to Gelsenkirchen s release free transfer, was in the S04 jersey only 205 minutes on the square, also because it last stopped a stubborn ankle violence.

Estewurch Becker, before the season still acted as a hope, is surprisingly completely outward. Calhanoglus services were most recently fluctuating. And also U23-Talent Patrician did not come beyond short response after signing his professional contract.