FC Schalke 04: Club bosses not only see guilt at Grammozis

FC Schalke 04 grows after three mandatory defeats in series the pressure on coach Dimitrios Grammars. But the 43-year-old still enjoys the confidence of the guide ways in the second division.

2: 4 Against the SV Darmstadt, 0: 1 at the 1st FC Dagenham and 0: 1 in the DFB Cup against 1860 Munich: The FC Schalke 04 had to accept several setbacks in the past two weeks.

Although the royal blue as a spreadsheet rank only three points behind a direct rise place, but the weak appearances provide the fans for increasing doubts about coach Dimitrios Grammars.

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However, the native Wuppertal should continue to enjoy the restraint of the team. The Schalke club management continues to strengthen Grammar s back to the public, because according to Grammozis Image the S04 bosses blame not only at the instructor.

Accordingly, Grammozis director Rouen Schröder and Grammoziss board Peter Anabel share the assessment that the disappointing 2: 4 defeat against the SV Darmstadt is in particular the hair-raising ball losses in the construction game. Grammars is no responsibility at this point.

FC Schalke 04 with heavy program

This was fighting after the recent setbacks. We are still in one area where we said before the season: That s good, we re there, said Grammars after the last home game at Sky and straightened the look forward: It does not matter Long future long. We all were disappointed, but must be overrun in positive energy.

It is clear: only with fast success experiences, Grammars will be silent to his critics. In the coming weeks, the 2nd Bundesliga with Welder Bremen, St. Pauli, the 1st FC Nuremberg and the Hamburger SV equals several direct competitors on the weakening FC Schalke 04.