FC Bayern trembles: ghost games and 2G

Goosebumps scenes in the picnicking stadium on the old forester egg, almost 60,000 exuberant fans in Dortmund: The pictures of the Bundesliga weekend enthusiastic football fans could already belong in view of the dramatic Corona and the next threatening bright-hard pandemic winter but very soon the past.

In Saxony, the ghost games return from coming week, in Bavaria, a maximum of a quarter of the fans in the stadiums — and only if they are vaccinated or recovered and additionally tested negatively.

In the midst of the financially and mood-technically extremely dreaded threats ghost games, the debate continues to race the debate for unvaccinated professionals like international Joshua Gimmick, who would have to go back to quarantine as a contact person.

Politics around the two prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and Hendrik Must (CDU) increases the pressure in view of the current situation and the upcoming months more and more. Sober had described 2G for professional football as useful, even if the legally difficult to enforce.

Saxony and Bavaria take measures

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Easy to enforce it is there for the countries that fans will banish fans after spring 2020 and the fall 2020 a third time pandemic strings from the stadiums. The federal states and Saxony concerned particularly difficult by Corona have taken first major measures in this direction, which relate to particularly vice-master RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga.

Trainer Jesse March sees a Goosebumps scenesy competitive disadvantage, as we are currently the only first division, which must design his upcoming home games from empty ranks.

Dortmund before up to 70,000 and Leipzig before ghosts? Inevitably, the question of how long a soc race scissors will exist. In the previous pandemic course, the rules in the individual federal states usually quickly deal with each other, both in terms of tightening and relaxation.

The fact is also: Never the pandemic situation geographically differed as well as now, where in addition to the pure incidence and hospital assignments, the respective vaccine quotas have become decisive.

According to the harbingers from Bavaria and Saxony, which, among other things, concern the handball, basketball and winter Goosebumps sceness, other soccer clubs are also worried about re-games without an audience.

Union coach Urs Fischer said at Sky : In the end, we have to hold ourselves to provisions. That will make us believe very well at Union. At the end it is also about accepting decisions. He himself advocates spectators, but also acknowledged: You can never do it all right.

Berliner derby as a striking symbol

The 22,012 fans at the Berlin City Berry were a particularly striking symbol of the old normality, which also prevailed in many other stages on the weekend. Bertha Goosebumps sceness Managing Director Fred BBC complained the exposed position of football in the currently complex debates. There is too much talked about the football, you have to talk about the Goosebumps scenes. You do not want to be politics.

In the partly popular discussions about a possible vaccination obligation or 2G for professional athletes, the football looked last but just like such a game ball. Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann regretted the failure of his top player Gimmick at 1: 2 in Augsburg, but also said: I do not know why professional athletes now need a vaccination and not.

Whether a nationwide vaccine would solve all corona problems of the German professional port at all appears more than questionable. On Saturday, the Handball Game of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt had to be canceled at the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf because it had given the SG breakthroughs of four fully vaccinated players. Generally, play allegations and relocations are currently increasing due to positive cases and the following quarantine orders. A logical consequence of the nationwide rising corona numbers.

Unvaccinated NBA star Irving outside

Others are already significantly further in terms of vaccination. The millions of basketball star Kylie Irving sits at the Brooklyn Nets since NBA season starting outside because he is unpaved. The city of New York City demands a detection of Indoor artists — because Irving does not want to provide it, he is currently no longer considered by the title candidate.

Even at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (in advance for three weeks quarantine for unvaccinated) and the Australian Open of the tennis professionals (only vaccinated participants), athletes are barely or not at all the 2G model currently discussed in Germany.

Real Stadium Atmosphere FC Bayern München - Munich | Real fan shouts | soccer / football ghost games The Serve Novak Djokovic has therefore opened his participation in the tournament in Melbourne. Well see, well have to wait and see, said the 20-color Grand Slam winner, over whose vaccination status has been soy for months. This is also valid since the weekend for football coach Markus beginning, whose vaccination pass affair came for professional football at a very inappropriate time. The 47-year-old recorded his office as a chef coach of Welder Bremen on Saturday morning and reacted with allegations to have used a fake vaccination certificate. The prosecutor had initiated investigations on Friday, the coach denies the allegations.