Elden Ring: The Map looks so fantastic and so you use it

The 15 minutes gameplay, which we were allowed to see from Elden Ring, we could not only draw in the gloomy atmosphere of the game - they were also clenched with new information. Among other things, we were able to take a look at the map, which is lovingly and detailed. We tell you how she looks and as well as she works.

This is the map of the Open World from Elden Ring

It s about it: The new 15-minute gameplay trailer to Elden Ring also let us take a look at the map - and this fits perfectly with the gloomy fantasy world. She is very detailed, shows landmarks such as mountains, vegetation and buildings and looks a bit as if it had been drawn on parchment. The bottom right also shows us a kind of old-fashioned dial the daytime.

On Reddit, a fan has composed the map cutouts from the trailer:

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This is how it works: The first game of from Software, which offers a correct Open World and not just the well-known open hose, Elden Ring comes with some previously unknown comfort features. This includes orientation with the map that offers us various possibilities to mark locations.

Here you can read our summary of the findings from 15 minutes Gameplay:

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ELDEN RING - Gameplay Preview

Elden Ring shows 15 minutes Potteile Gameplay from the Open World

How to use the map

Setting markers: In the gameplay video it was possible to see 100 markers on the map to remind us of interesting points. Not only are simple pins to choose from, but various symbols, such as the skull, which can stand for danger, a males that could stand for a PC or a diamond as a reminder of an unprotected treasure.

Here you can see the whole trailer again:

Beacon: Serve as a further orientation aid beacon. In the trailer it can be seen that they appear in your game world as a high light column. This recalls more Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Youtuber Vaatividya explains that these appeared in the press demo at the top right of the compass numbered, suggesting that we can set several of them.

We still know: Vaatividya also assumes that some specific Points of Interest have prefabricated markers that can be viewed by pressing a button on the map. How PCGAMESN.com reports, the card is filled by finding individual fragments.

How do you like the new map and what you like most liked or what would you have wished otherwise?