DMM Games, new work Code Geass Special Stage F4 Fan Festival special stage is decided to deliver special stage!

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DMM Games operated by Joint Company EX NOA and F4Samurai Co., Ltd. F4 Fan Festivals will be held online on Sunday, December 5, 202, 2012, Code Glass special stage for smartphone PC. It was notified that it delivers in part3.

Joint company EX NOA (Head office: Minatory, CEO: Metadata, URL: DMM Games and F4Samurai Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, CEO: KOI URL: is a new game Code Glass Special Stage Code Glass Special Stage online on December 5, 2021, We will notify you of delivering within F4 fan festival part3.

Delivery date and time

December 5, 2021 (Sun) 22: 00-23: 15

New game Code Glass Rebellion Slouch Lost Stories presentation

F4 Fan Festival Part 3


Program contents

Within the F4 Fan Festival Part 3, we will deliver a special program to commemorate the Code Glass Rebellions Slouch Lost Stories restart. We will introduce plenty of the latest information on Code Glass Learns Most Stories with luxury guests.

Performer (renormalization abbreviation, unlikely)

China UNIMA (Game Male Heroes)

Hash Ayala (female female female protagonist)

Ishim Panama (Game Navigation Characters Her Anne)

Video letter appearance

Fukuyama Jun (Slouch Sample) Yuan (C. C. Role) Hiroshi Samurai (Karimi Suzuki) Sukiyaki AMI (Karen Start Felt) Flow (Theme Song)


Yeshiva Lao (Nippon Broadcasting Announcer)

※ We will update at any time in the F4 fan festival official site, and Code Glass official Twitter for the latest information and follow-up.

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New game for smartphone · PC Code Glass with Slouch Lost Stories of Rebellion

TV Animation Code Glass Rebellions Lelouch of Lelouch and reproduce the battle, and a game work with a new story with Slouch and the protagonist (player).

The player experiences the world of Code Glass in the main character (male and female selectable) perspective, and in the full voice main story, a new story of Slouch and the protagonist along the development of the Anime Main Hen progresses. And in battle part, many nightmare frames are unfolded, and you can enjoy the force and directing with full 3D TV animation.

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Code Glass series

From October 2006 to his first of his TV series Code Glass Rebellion Slouch broadcast from October 2006. Expected to be betrayed and called topics by the built-in world setting, and the sequel Code Glass Slouch R2 will be expanded to national broadcasts, and broadcast from April to September 2008. The impact last called a great response.

Since 2009, a new theater screening work Code Glass Aquino is developed in all 5 chapters. A variety of media mixes such as Code Glass Jet Black Has Night and Oz of Code Glass Buzz were also developed, and various media mixes such as musical, orchestra concerts, exhibitions, games and figures have been conducted. In addition, from October 21, 2017, theater total collection will be released. In 2019, a complete new movie version Slouch of Code Glass has been released. And now it is a popular anime work that is still supported by many people from the birth to 15 years from the birth to NEXT 10Years Project.

Game Overview

Title: Code Glass Slouch Lost Stories Genre: Nightmare Frame Battle RPG Distribution Start: 2022 Spring Planned Delivery Platform: App Store / Google Play / PC (DMM Game Player Version) Delivery Area: Japan Availability: Basic Play Free (Item Charge) Yes) Official Site URL: ※ Please check the official site for details such as compatible models Please confirm the details of the game start date and other information on the official site Delivery start date can be changed depending on the situation. Rights notation: (C) SUNRISE / PROJECT GLASS CHARACTER DESIGN © 2006 CLAMP · ST (C) SUNRISE / PROJECT GLASS CHARACTER DESIGN (C) 2006-2008 CLAMP · ST (C) SUNRISE / PROJECT GRANITE CHARACTER DESIGN (C 2006-2011 CLAMP · ST (C) SUNRISE / PROJECT LESS CHARACTER DESIGN (C) 2006-2017 CLAMP · ST © 2019 EX NOA LLC · F4SAMURAI

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