Delayed eFootball 2022 update will ultimately begin fixing problems this week

An eFootball 2022 update is finally coming today, as well as it s exclusively dedicated to sprucing up bugs which have afflicted the video game because launch.

NEW eFootball 2022 Update! - FINALLY GOOD NEWS!

eFootball 2022 variation 0.9.1 will certainly begin turning out on Friday for both computer as well as gaming consoles, with Konami claiming on Twitter that it serves to deal with bugs only, with detailed patch notes offered on our web site at the time of launch. The patch, which will be the first major upgrade for the video game, was originally set to present in October.

Soon after its launch in September, eFootball 2022 gamers reported a shopping list of problems with the game, varying from issues with just how both players and also the ball relocated throughout the pitch to some uncomplimentary entertainments of well-known players such as Lionel Messi and also Cristiano Ronaldo. Also past the glitches and also potential oversights, our own eFootball 2022 review lamented its state at arrival as a demo in all however name due to an absence of typical features such as organization play.

The eFootball 2022 upgrade beginning Friday will not include even more to do, but it will with any luck begin to strengthen several of the concerns that made what was currently there at launch hard to play. As it tipped away from its long-running PES series, Konami has actually placed eFootball 2022 as the start of a new, service-based strategy to football/soccer video games - while it s had a harsh begin, the next few months are when Konami will really demonstrate its dedication to eFootball s new model.