BVB: Ex-pro by Manchester United Sancho

Jadon Sancho playing as right wing-back for Manchester United At Borussia Dortmund, Jason Sancho staggered the football world in astonishment, in Manchester United it does not run for the wing storm so far. Alleged plans to convert the ex-BVB star to the defender come across harsh criticism in England.

That Jason Sancho would not take the central role at Manchester United the central role, as in recent years at BVB, the one or the other expert suggested, when in the summer of the change of the 21-year-old for whopping 85 million euros fixed. How bumpy Sancho s start at England would be record champion, but probably just sent the absolute pessimists.

13 mandatory games completed the 23-color national player of the Three Lions so far for his new employer. A door participation did not succeed Sancho yet.

Surprising plan of Manchester United revealed

For a stir on the island last week from the portal The Athletic revealed thought games at United to make a virtue from Sancho s offensive need and convert him to the right side of the other in a differ chain.

Multiple, the robbery of Red Devils have already filled this role in training. The controversial team manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer convinced the third-tax newcomer of the club history, apparently.

For observers, Solskjaers push alleged plans with Sancho to say least to a little counter-love. Good luck at making him an outer-defender, said Danny Mills, his sign of English ex-national player and 217-expert Premier League player, compared to Football Insiders.

Jason Sancho never used in the BVB in the defense

United have brought Sancho, to create chances and shoot goals, Mills said. And suddenly you want to play with him as an outfielder in an incredibly hedged defense. Seriously?

The 44-year-old referred in this regard that Sancho not reliable was enough for a position in the defensive and never played there at BVB in his four years.

Solskjaer threw mills an almost dismissive offense because of the controversial project in the Cause Sancho. Shall Cristiano Ronaldo in the domestic defense because he can head a ball? I think Ronaldo can better mind than the other central defenders, so you should put it in the domestic defense? That s more than just a little ridiculous, says Mills.