Bundesliga: SC Freiburg in legal dispute because of the new stadium

READY FOR BUNDESLIGA! Inside New SC Freiburg Stadium! Pitch, Tunnel, Supportes Section, Outside Area

The litigation of the SC Freiburg with residents of the new Europa-Park stadium is coming to the next round next February. In the main proceedings at the Administrative Court Freiburg is to be decided whether the Football Bundesliga in his new home game site can also play Friday nights and Sunday lounges (13:00 to 15:00). The oral proceedings is scheduled for the 9th and 10th February, the court announced. Previously, the Banished Dating had reported about it. The plaintiff residents want to reach a judicial abolition of the building permit for the Stadium of November 2018. In the preliminary legal protection procedure before the Administrative Court Mannheim, they had partially right in the second instance, so the Freiburgs club may not leave his home games at the moment on Friday ends. The ban on Sunday afternoon would be important only in the 2nd Bundesliga, because there the games start on Sundays at 13:30.