BTS announces surprise collaboration with Among Us

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It is not necessary to say, but BTS is one of the most important things about music at this time. After making his debut several years ago, the Korean group has broken dozens of barriers to succeed in the global market. And now, it seems that the group is ready to assume a new challenge with the help of... Entire us ?

Yes, you heard that right. BTS could be working hard on several nearby presentations, but the pets of the band are working elsewhere. Thats why BT21 has announced a special collaboration with Entire us, so fanatics will have to decide if Cook is the imposter after all...!

But, again, it could be going. Tata does not seem like the guy, but in the end, no one would be surprised if RJ ended up being a wolf with sheeps skin. Get it??

BTS Tease Collaboration With Popular Game ‘Among Us’ | Billboard News The association became official this week when BT21 arrived at Twitter to share the news. A short video was launched that shows BT21 pets involved in a game. As time passes, each of the characters is eliminated from the game, so you can decide who was the true imposter on your own.

As for the treatment itself, BT21 will join Entire, through new skins, but there is a huge capture. Players will be able to decorate Among US avatars with BT21 Accessories and ATU. The event is scheduled to start on November 25 both in South Korea and abroad, but as we said, there is a trap. The Teaser says that these BT21 masks will not be available in the game, so the fans will have to see how BTS X Entire The deal works.

While BT21 and Entire us Get ready to form a computer, BTS has its own projects in mind. The group will be presented at the American Music Awards this autumn with Coldplay to celebrate its simple My Universe set. This televised performance occurs shortly after the group announced its Permission to Dance concert in Los Angeles on November 28.

What do you think of this special collaboration? Is BTS enough to come back to Entire us ? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @meganpeterscb.