Battlefield 2042 earlier in the Early Access - so you get the 10h

With Battlefield 2042 not only one of the biggest shooters of the year appears in November, but one of the biggest games of the year at all. If you do not want to wait any more until the release, you can hop in the large-scale battles for a week before and confuse yourself with other players inside or the Ki. We reveal you when the Early Access starts and what conditions there are.

When can I play Battlefield 2042 before released?

BATTLEFIELD 2042 How To Download Beta - How to Get Early Access With EA Play (Works on Any Platform)

With the Early Access you can start a week before the official release of Battlefield 2042 with gambling. You just need an active subscription at EA Play. Since the service is included in the Game Pass Ultimate, you can also play with this subscription earlier. Incidentally, the same applies to pre-ordering the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition. (Via EA )

Here you will find the exact data for preload and preload:

Date: 12 . November 2021 Start time: 9 o clock German time Preload: 10 . November, at 19 o clock German time Playing time: You can play all modes for 10 hours

When will Battlefield appear 2042? All others are allowed to start a week later, from November 19th. Battlefield 2042 appears for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

The score is transferable: The Early Access is not a demo, but a limited access for Battlefield 2042. Accordingly, you can play the title as if you would possess him. This also applies to the scales that you may take into the full version.

Other current news about Battlefield 2042:

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How works EA Play

EA Play is a subscription service where you may play many games from EAS library for a monthly fee as long as you want. However, the titles of the publisher appear at EA PLAY only after some time, so that you do not find the latest games here. For these, however, there are usually in advance, as the Early Access version of Battlefield 2042 described above.

What costs EA Play? The regular price for EA Play is 3.99 per month or 24.99 euros a year. If you have subscribed to the Game Pass Ultimate, you do not have to pay a further fee. EA Play Pro, where you can also play new titles, there is 14.99 € a month or 99.99 € a year.

Battlefield 2042 builds on a system with specialized characters:

Problems from the beta should have been fixed

The beta to Battlefield 2042 did not matter to all. On the one hand, there were technical problems and weaknesses, especially with the load-gene version for PS4 and Xbox One. On the other hand lacked some features in the game that fans are used to the series. DICE has already been expressed and promised to deliver or adapt at least some of the features. How well the overall package will end, we learn in a few days.