3. League: Tom Eilers about the decisions of the DFB

For a year, the so-called Task Force Economic Stability 3. Lisa had worked on measures to stabilize the lowest German Profiling. The DFB followed the recommendations of the Task Force and decided, for example, harder sanctions in economic losses, higher levels of grass heating and floodlights, but also a lower minimum capacity of the stadiums.


The most important point is for Filers but another. In my view, the highest priority initially has the structure itself. Therefore, the message is particularly important to me that the league is no longer questioned in its single-track form as a professional class between 2.? Bundesliga and Regionally. The 3rd? Works She has interesting clubs, a balanced competition, many fans and good partners. This was also confirmed in the Task Force, emphasizes the 51-year-old, who is responsible for the licensing player area in the Presidium of Second division Darmstadt 98.

Herding and Kaiserslautern as exceptional cases

One again and again in connection with the 3rd league discussion is the economic situation — as well as in the Task Force. However, the causes are very specific depending on the club. In the beginning there were often clubs that have risen from the 2.? Bundesliga and thereby already had a backpack. Later there were examples of clubs that have been in the league for several years were, and it did not manage to develop themselves on the duration. The fact is: except the example Herding and the insolvency application in Kaiserslautern, where the financial problems did not have emerged only in the 3rd? All other third revisionists are quite good through the Corona crisis came. Quite so terribly unstable, as the financial situation of the 3rd league is often portrayed, it can not be, says Filers.

Economic unreasonableness should be sanctioned with strict specifications in the future harder — in the form of point deposits. You will now have to observe these instruments and see how quickly and how well the modified equity edition is engaged, explains Filers.

Removals to other stadiums prevent as far as possible

One of the publicly the greatest criticisms of the past years has dedicated itself to the Task Force: the requirement for the stadium capacity, which was reduced from 10.001 to 5001 seats. The change should prevent as much as possible from being avoided for clubs a dodge to another stadium, explains Filers.

IM Force Economic-Interview — this Monday in the Print Extender already tonight in the magazine explains Filers, as well as early investments for ambitious fourth divisions and newcomers are worthwhile, which role is playing second representations in marketing potential, what he is from one connection The 3rd league holds the DFL and in which regard Sasha Molders is in competition to Lionel Messi.