New World: Amazon communicates too little with your players

The players of Amazon MMORPG New World are currently not exactly satisfied with the developers of the title. The economy collapses, there are some annoying bugs and frustrating mechanics, and the PVP balancing could be much better.

The biggest problem, which probably united together all others, is the few communication that Amazon operates with their players. Over the last few weeks, maintenance work was carried out on the title servers every Wednesday, this week, however, they fell without comment by Amazon.

No opinion on failing maintenance

Of course, players are a little confused over this, after all, there are enough reasons to hold a maintenance. But Amazon does not seem like this. Maybe there was also a bug with the maintenance, which is why it was postponed. At least there is a clear answer because Amazon does not communicate with their players. For many players, for example, in the official forums of the title, a failure of the weekly maintenance would not be so bad if the developers would at least announce this.

To some things - such as the threat mechanics \ - Amazon said, but this always happened in response to a forum post, which the normal player probably never will find. An official announcement or at least one reference to the main page of the game would probably be quite useful.

New World (Buy Now 39,99 €) is the first title from Amazon Game Studios, which actually records successes. The team may not have the necessary experience to know that players constitute an open communication of the developers normally very value. However, there are also some industrial veterans in the ranks of Amazon, which is why there should be at least a pair of impulses.

A lot too little communication from Amazon Game Studios

There is currently no information about when the next patch is released for New World how long the maintenance work will last for this, and what he could even bring. Also, there are no long-term plans of developers for their MMO, which is probably only worsening the already existing motivational hole of some players.

Hopefully Amazon takes himself the critique of New World fans to heart and speak more open in the future with their community about the status of their game.

From Daniel Link author 27.10.2021 at 18:13