Explanation of Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison: How to get it, what is it for and why do you need it

The guerrillas of Far Cry 6 allow you to build different structures to unlock different elements of the game. The Garrison guerrilla is one of those structures, but what really does not quite clear. Here is a complete Far Cry 6 guerrilla lining Guide on how to obtain it, what do you do and why you will want to build it.

What is the guerrilla garrison doing?

According to the game s description, guerrilla s garrison provides best weapons and training guerrillas. Use the recognition laptops located in the viewpoints to explore the FND bases.

At its most basic level, the garrison will provide basic weapons for sale, will inspire the avant-garde guerrillas of Yara random to support you when you are in combat and will place reconptable computers that mark activation cables, automatic turrets, cameras and alarms near of FND bases.

How to get the guerrilla garrison at Far Cry 6

To get the guerrilla garrison, go to the construction office of one of your guerrilla camps (marked with a hammer icon) and interacts with them.

Select the guerrilla lining from the list and buy it by 60 metals and 60 essences.

Then you can improve your guerrilla garrison returning to the camp construction office where you built it, highlighting the middle of the three icons at the bottom of your section and then pressing X / A to buy it (as long as you have the update materials required and listed).

All guerrilla lining improvements

improved guerrilla garnish

Exercises are harder and the explorers are better. You have more options to plan your attack and better equipment to buy for your load.

Advanced weapons for sale Snipers guerrilla support around Yara Best trained guerrillas fighting in yara Advanced Reconptable laptops that obtain high value objectives.

Protected guerrilla garrison

Exercise instructors have selected the best explorers to lead the fight in the FND. Freedom has never been so well equipped.

Specialized weapons for sale Support of the Rocketers guerrillas around Yara Even better guerrillas trained to face the special forces of the FND Specialized recognition laptops that mark security control centers

Build Guerrilla Garrison Far Cry 6

Why is the Far Cry 6 guerrilla garrier 6 important?

The war of guerrillas added around Yara not only helps alleviate part of the stress of finding FND while exploring, but the Garrison guerrillas also unlocks a ton of weapons that were previously guarded for you.

These can be purchased by simply visiting the garnish as a camp and then buying them with pesos.

That s all you need to know about the Far Cry 6 guerrilla lining. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or take a look at our game coverage below.

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