Breakwaters: Survival adventure with water

The Early Access appointment is clear: Breakwaters will stab on Steam in Lake on November 11, 2021 (price: $ 20). The Early Access phase should be at least six months. It should later be implemented for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Breakwaters is an exploration and survival adventure with crafting elements in which one travels over the ocean and protects people from the Titans of the lake, and manipulating the water with different colored crystals. It also moves up walls, for example to protect islands from floods, improves their own boat and places defense systems as well as other constructions that are powered by water, which is why they also build networks with corresponding pipes. The resources needed to collect in the procedural world-based world, where manufactured objects are also sold and receives further blueprints or rare objects for the money received. The survival adventure can be played cooperatively alone or with up to four players.

We ve Had A Lot of Fun Over The Last 5 Months During Our Closed Beta Testing. Seing How Fans Interact With And Experience The Game Has Been A Blast, And It Has Been Incredibly Valuable During Development , says Phillip Heckinger, Director at Soaring Pixels. Thanks to this feedback from our fans and our amazing community, We re Now Ready to commit to Early Access Delivery Date and we can not wait to start our Journey to a full launch.

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