Amazon Luna+ November 2021 Games Detailed

SUPERTUXKART is a free and free 3D arcade racing game, whose protagonist is tux, the Kernel Linux mascot. The idea of its creation emerged as an alternative improvement of the Tuxkart game, from the Game of the Month group. However, at the end it was chosen to make a totally new game. It is written in the C ++ programming language and uses the Antarctic Library, a modified version of Irlichht. Supertuxkart is multiplatform and runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android systems. It is available in several languages, including Spanish.

New to Amazon Luna+ in November are the titles Carrion, Gris, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition, and PHOGS!


Set to release on Luna+ on November 22, Carrion lets gamers stalk as well as consume individuals in what is referred to as a reverse horror video game. Gamers will grow and develop in the jail that once restricted you, establishing off on a course of revenge. You can review our testimonial right here.


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Also readied to launch in November is Gris. This calm as well as expressive experience is a safe place that includes light problems, platforming series, and also optional skill-based challenges. As a confident girl, players will certainly browse her discolored truth as well as see her world differently.

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is a soulslike that has players benefiting from the Temporal Coverings of defeated warriors. Parries and also counterblows are an usual event, with combat being strategic as well as calculated. You can review our review here.


Lastly, PHOGS! Is a captivating challenge experience that has gamers taking control of a duo of dogs. Gamers will certainly have the ability to explore locations like Rest World as well as Play World when it releases in November.

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