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MMORPG "Blade and Soul" latest update distribution. I asked the producer about the 3rd Awakening series and the new ancient dungeon, and the background

On May 18, the MMORPG "Blade and Soul", operated by Ncyy Japan, distributed an update called "The Third Awakening Swordsman". In this update, a new Awakening series "Flame Emperor" by the Kagenjin and the new ancient dungeon "Soul Ring Motoyama" have been added. In the third Awakening series, which is added to the rigid swordsman, as the name suggests, it will be able to do very powerful damage by bringing the power of the flame to the large sword. The basic way of fighting is to focus on the conventional rigid swordsman who can get resistance and focus on that range. On the other hand, "Flame Emperor" can use a dedicated buff to get the same effect as the team while moving. It is an awakening series that has the potential to fight a new style, which is not found in the past. The newly added ancient dungeon "Soul Ring Motoyama" features a soul school, which is a gateway to the character "Tone Julia" that appeared

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